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ILL – “The Mist” Video is KILLER!



Goddamn did this video come out crazy.

ILL disappeared for a while, but came back stronger than ever. He looks like he’s ready to tear someone’s throat out the entire video, and really makes a case for being one of the most energetic performers I’ve ever seen. He’s gotten older, but never old, and certainly sharper over time. Full Aim also produced a ridiculous banger here. It’s a hard and heavy beat, but doesn’t come up short in terms of supplying an atmosphere that brings to mind a lot of late 80’s horror film soundtracks.

Of course, we can’t forget that Shane McLellan killed the game with his ability to edit together great footage, and really match the work of any artist he touches. Gotta love the fun cameo by fellow New-Havenite Mister, too.

All-in-all, A+. Good job, fellas.

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Open Mike Eagle in West Haven Friday August 15th



Open Mike Eagle is an Los Angeles Based art rap human who has been a part of Project Blowed, Swimteam, and now Hellfyre Club alongside the likes of Milo, Nocando, Bus Driver etc.  Open Mike Eagle seems to be on an internet approval hot streak lately.  In 2013 he was the first rapper to appear on Mark Marron’s WTF podcast, was a guest on the Eric Andre live show, and Hellfyre Club their mixtape “Dorner Vs Tookie” to critical acclaim from the pitchforks and The Needle Drops.  In 2014 Open Mike Eagle shows no signs of slowing down, his latest LP “Dark Comedy” has blown more wind beneath the Eagle’s wings again achieving critical acclaim from people on the internet that have opinions (The Needle Drop, Pitchfork).  BUT the quality of the rest Open Mike Eagle’s catalog should be enough to draw you to the show.

Open Mike Ealge – “Qualifiers”

Open Mike Eagle – “Nightmares”

Open Mike Eagle lands at Crunch House Friday August 15th alongside local favorites Chef the Chef, Mister, Cam Nichols & T. Sawyer.  The show is being co-promoted by Sloppy Seconds Presents and The Needle Drop.  Crunch House is a dope spot for hip hop shows that has hosted acts such as Armand Hammer, GDP, Milo, Party Supplies and the like.  Presale tickets are available here and RSVP to the facebook event if you are into that.  The show is all ages and it’s BYOB if you are of age.  This is guaranteed to be the most intimate show of this tour, click here for instructions to get to Crunch House because it’s tricky if you have not been there before, but the address is 14 Gilbert St.  West Haven, CT.

Open Mike Eagle 8/15 Flyer



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New Mister Video, Also By Shane McLellan!



So, I promised that new Mister video, and I’m delivering. It’s called “Sticky.”

I was talking to Shane about this video, and I’m totally impressed by it. Some of the shots are wild. It’s not special-effects-ridden, but a very “organic” feel. I think most of you will dig this.

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Shane McLellan directs dope video by Mister



Shane McLellan directs dope video by Mister

There’s not enough smooth hip-hop coming out in CT. This is the kind of stuff I really dig, so I was happy to hear about it. Hope you guys dig it.

The direction is done by Shane McLellan. He’s been making a big name for himself, having done videos for other artists, such as Political Animals and Righteousness Gone. The first one he did on here was the Crunch House video “W,” which was really well-done, and not over-done, so to speak. I think hip hop fans in CT will love his work, the more of it comes out.

I’m watching a sneak preview of the next Mister video right now, and it’s super dope. It’ll be out in about a week, I’ll post that then.

Stay tuned!


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Anonymous/Zak G CD Release TONIGHT IN NEW HAVEN



I’m sure a few of you guys have heard of Anonymous…if not, you should. I’ve known this cat since he was 14, and he’s always been pretty good, but when he turned 18, he seriously hit a peak. The kid is dropping his first album tomorrow, courtesy of Madecipha’s Spider Bite Records, just in time for Christmas(looking to stuff stockings, anyone?).

This is a sample of what he can do, and the song is on the mixtape he did prior to this album:

The other cat on this release is Zak G, who also did the artwork for Anonymous’s album:

Anonymous album cover by Zak G

Zak G is a super unorthadox cat, from what I’ve heard so far. I don’t know a lot of his music, but I’ll let you decide how you feel about this one:

The rest of the bill is Madecipha, ILL, Mister, and Jonny Empire. I’ve got an article about Mister coming soon.

The show is at Crunch House in West Haven. It’s $5 entry, all ages, opens at 9 PM, and you can BYOB. A few posts down, I put a video showing how to get there.

Stay tuned! Check it out!

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