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EightSixty Custom Skate Shop: Grand Opening




So me and the sidekick headed over to the Eightsixty Custom Skate Shop to celebrate their grand opening. And I will be honest…it was an event. Not only is this place a skate shop, but it always has an indoor skate park. Dope right? So the first half of the day you got to see skaters of all skill levels do their thing on the ramps. The second part of the day that set up a stage and had some of the amazing local music talent grace the mic. Everyone from Maia CC to MC/Host Joey Batts. They even had a impromptu freestyle session just to keep the feeling going. Which, of course I jumped in on. Food and drinks outside and a little stand for my homie, Dewey’s “Hartford” line of gear.

Even though the rain came down, people came out to support. And that meant alot. You see the Skater crowd has always been seen as slackers who can never really do anything. Hoodlums who run around with no respect for anything. Almost exactly what they say about the Hip Hop crowd. But this…this among many others showed that both crowds could come together to accomplish something. Some may see this as just another skate shop, but I’m not that foolish.

I see EightSixty Custom for what it really is. A symbol as a local business. A sign that the kids you thought were lost, really know where they are and where they are going.

This skate shop is the sign that when not given the avenue or venue, we have what it takes to create it for ourselves.

Thank you EightSixty Custom. not for eventing me to an event, but for making me apart of a movement.

For more pictures from the event check out the link below…..


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#GiveTheDrummerSomeTour Day 3: #860




Day 3: Hartford, CT.  If I do say so myself, we are DAMN good at what we do.  And I don’t mean rapping, playing drums, writing songs, performing etc;  I mean our professional execution.  The show last night was set up to fail, straight up… but giving up simply is not in our full blast nature.  Mike Vegas booked the tour in Hartford at Laetus- an asian restraunt by day, nighclub by night.  Realy nice, classy spot…… wait for it….with no soundsystem.  Slanty face bro!  This was probably the 6th or 7th show Ive booked thru Mike (ex Hartford Room owner) and weve never had an issue, its always a blast in Hartford and the sound has never been an issue.  I got the excuses for days from everyone blah blah blah but at the end of the day providing a venue without a soundsystem is simply unacceptable.  What was even more unacceptable was that this dude was pulling double duty and was running another rock show down the street (which was obviously his priority because he left about 9pm and didnt come back till about 1am.) Slanty face bro!

Needless to say, myself,Chuck and dj Friz are left with 2 Asian ladies who dont speak english, to figure out a funky home audio soundsystem with a busted fuse and 2 heavy objects literally sitting on top of it to hold weight down on it to get power.  Huge fucking slanty face bro!!  

I was THIS close to cancelling the whole thing but my DJ, aka Friz aka MacGyver with the audio, aka MV FUCKING P, somehow jerry rigged this shit to work, and thru much patience and Chuck holding down the host tip, we figured out the happiest medium possible and had a show.

 To be honest, I’ve heard much worse when it comes to shit sound systems.  And to be even more honest, the acts who really struggled last night with the audio are acts with shitty quality beats, man.  Sorry not sorry- if u cant eq your shit properly, or at least throw your studio engineer 20 bucks to eq your shit for you,  dont do live shows.  (Oh and if u dont have 10 bucks to pay a cover don’t attend them either, but thats another rant for another day)  Adapting and rolling with the punches, especially when it comes to indie shows is key to sucess in the music industry.  From sound/soundman issues, to disorderly fans/crowds, to janky promoters- only a professional will chameleon that shit, and hold it down as they should.., but if the quality of your music is bad, youre handicapped from jump street. 

Anyway, once the sound was figured out we actually had a dope show!  Very nice turnout (about 75 heads) and an overall awesome vibe.  I love rocking shows with my friends; Respek (who has killer new music with live guitar), Crooked Mindz, Average Cit, Netta, and Law are FBM mainstays who already know!  But real talk both Arkatex and Stryfe who are both new to our events really impressed me last night.

Shout out to 168erz who came thru last minute when a few acts cancelled, and all the homies who KILLED the cipher at the end of the night. It was great to see Joey Batts, Blak Philly, Buck 80, and everyone else who came out to support. Hartford is always ill beacause even tho we CT all day, we always leave the 860 with a few new fans and friends- and thats what this is all about.

It felt great driving back to BPT last night, because a. I got to sleep in my own bed fort the last time for 9 days, and b. We held that shit down yo.  Took an impossible situation and made it rock. Definitely proud of myself and my crew.

We in Providence tonight!  Give the drummer some! 


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iBattle Worldwide Presents: Cityy Towers Vs Born



iBattle Worldwide Presents: Rebellion
Cityy Towers Vs Born
Hosted By Joey Batts & Lady Law
Filmed By Sean Michael’s Photography

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DNH – 40’s & Cheesecake



Debut album from DNH, aka Details and Holcomb, called “40’s and Cheesecake”. Stream it below or download it from DNH’s band camp.

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joey batts & them – MonsterRaps (official video)



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Mic on Deck Presents… The Battle of Sugar Hill



Maybe its the sound of the turntables and live instruments. Maybe it’s the raw sound of live emcees…but this is hip hop being brought to us. Everything from the pre-planned verses to freestyles to past the time and get a reaction. This is Sully’s. This is where worlds meet in CT hip hop. From the back packers to the street tested. From the political to the drug laced. This is the crossroads for many of the local talent. The battle for sugar hill showcase is a supermarket of hip hop right now. From DJ Stress and Rockoleone to Crooked Mindz…everyone is here…no egos, just music. Mic on Deck does a great job in making sure you get a little bit of everything on your plate. Self Suffice hosts with enough charisma to keep the crowd hooked. His rep as a emcee is enough to earn the respect from the crowd and other artists in the building.

You know things are gonna be amazing when you got Joey Batts floating around just to soak up the vibe. Dot Got it was in the building, surveying the masterpieces being brought to us. Various members of the A Team came through to show support. The small venue was packed, but no one seemed to mind as the music was good enough that you did mind weaving through the crowd to get a better view of the artists.

Did I mention there were no egos floating about. Nobody complaining about time going over. Nobody complaining about going before this person or that person. The next event is set for Dec. 13th. I, for one, will be there to get my fresh intake of organic hip hop.

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iBattle Worldwide: Q Da General vs Amzilla & Lexx Luthor vs Greedy Grimes



iBattle dropped Q The General vs Amzilla & Lexx Luthor vs Greedy Grimes from Takeover 2, a few days ago. If you guys havent seen these battles they are pretty dope. And as always if you like what your’e seeing then subscribe to iBattle on youtube!

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Happy Halloween: Joey Batts Does Walking Dead



I know y’all are getting ready for Halloween. Just make sure not to say “pumpkin spice latte,” too loudly. A zombie in yoga pants will come for you. #realtalk

#reallertalk Joey Batts killed this. Super dope video. This is good fun.

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Best Friend or Bad Guy: The Live Version



Best Friend or Bad Guy: The Live Version

What can I say about Joey Batts that hasn’t been said….mostly by him, heh. All jokes aside Joey is one of the most hardest working Emcees in the area. You don’t believe me check his facebook page. It almost seems like every week he is either shooting a video for a song or traveling to perform somewhere. Or if you are looking tearing it down with friends at the local hot spot. You see Joey beats the pavement for his craft. He is the perfect example of an artist that thrives on the live stage. It is almost to the point where Batts’ live performance is the real product and the album he released is the side dish to that. I had a chance to catch up with this busy guy and get his views on how importance it is to get your live show and tour on in today’s industry.

Jack Nickelz: Alright Joey, I guess the first question is how important is to get out there and do shows?

Joey Batts: Doing shows is the most important thing in the world. It’s a close third behind oxygen and sex. These younger, newer cats think they can hang out on the internet all damn day and never rock stages. Fuck that. You better get your dumb ass out there and meet motherfuckers face to face. Bottom-line. Stay relevant. You’d be surprised how often dudes are in the same room with their “facebook friends” and won’t even say peace – c’mon man… you gotta be OUT THERE! Showing people your music first hand

Jack Nickelz: Ok, performing live at venues is just half the battle. What else goes into doing live shows?

Joey Batts: Phone calls. E-mails. Texts. Updates. Carrier pigeons. Messengers. Everything man. Checking in to make sure the $ is right, keeping the owner happy, keeping the GM happy, keeping the bartenders happy, keeping the bar backs happy, keeping the sound guy happy, keeping the bouncers happy. It’s a lot of shaking hands and kissing babies. But real talk – that’s what makes people love JOEY BATTS. Because I sell myself, my damn SELF – like a fuckin’ mayor. Plus – you gotta make sure your backing musicians are as bad ass as you are. Or you’ll sound like shit.

Jack Nickelz: Now recently you dropped your project, how has that change how you approach your shows?

Joey Batts: I keep my ears open – I find out what tracks the people like, and make sure that we play them at our shows. People LOVE  ‘Bad Guy‘ and ‘860’ – so we make sure that people get a chance to see us do it live. Plus I try to wear more bowties in public.

Jack Nickelz: Beside the material on your project, do you have a set playlist at shows or is it interchangeable depending on the venue?

Joey Batts: I freestyle it bro. honestly –a couple of cats in my band – have asked for it, but I’m like ya know what – “we’re gonna fly by the seat of our pants tonight!” Plus – everywhere I go, there’s rappers in the crowd – and if I fuck with you, chances are, I’m gonna ask you to rock a freestyle with me – and bring the crowd into it – even more.

Jack Nickelz: Now outside of the shows you have done here through friends, how do you go about getting yourself booked at shows?

Joey Batts: Me. Myself and I. I’m mad fuckin’ famous dude, and everyone loves me – I have clubs calling me all the time – sometimes the money just isn’t right. I’m currently looking for a manager, and currently looking for someone to help me with promotion… so if you know people – get at me. ASAP. I’m the busiest man in Hartford…

Jack Nickelz: Now at your shows you are virtually up on stage by yourself, outside of the band. How hard is it to make sure you get everyone’s attention?

Joey Batts: Are you serious? Have you ever been to a Joey Batts show? I have everyone’s attention. All. The. Time. My shit’s amazing. #freestyleking #bestfriend

Jack Nickelz: What is the smallest and largest show that you have ever done?

Joey Batts: Damn. That’s a fucked up question. HaHaHaHaHaHa… Good news or the Bad news first? Shit – I once rocked a show in Northern Maine that was so poorly promoted – it was literally 6 people. No joke. And that was like, the fuckin’ bartender, the bouncer, the sound guy, two regulars that hated us and the sound guy’s girlfriend. But on the flip side – I’ve opened up for Method Man & Redman, Cyprus Hill and The Black Eyed Peas – all at huge college festivals – I’m talking 3 – 4 grand… maaaaaad people – holding up shit for me to rap about! Hahaha!

Jack Nickelz: Has there ever been any shows that you wish you wouldn’t have done?

Joey Batts: No sir. I’m a grown man. I live by my decisions. I don’t have any professional regrets.

Jack Nickelz: What are some of the mistakes you see some artist make when it comes to their shows?

Joey Batts: Mistakes? Jesus. I’m a showman, a veteran, a professional, and a perfectionist. I see a billion mistakes every time I go to a show. My top 3? One – Please don’t rap over a track that has vocals. EVER. Two – Don’t be so fuckin’ angry – people will relate to you more, and give you a more sincere listen if you’re humble and willing to “enhance” their listening. And Three – don’t fuckin’ yell at the sound guy. He’s trying his hardest. Always.

Jack Nickelz: What has been one of your favorite shows?

Joey Batts: Honestly. There’s a couple… but way different. My boys do this podcast, The Bakery Show – and I honestly have never felt more comfortable talking and rapping with some cool ass dudes. They support local music, they pay attention to the scene and they always have great questions and conversations that listeners can appreciate and relate to. Plus they’re hilarious, and they let me freestyle for hours… but as far as live venues?? Sully’s in Hartford will always be home – but recently, the effort and planning that the guys in downtown Hartford, specifically Cory at Up or on the Rocks – have done, is AMAZING. The Block Parties and the Shows in the Train Station have been ridiculous. And I’ve enjoyed those plenty. The pure love and support and camaraderie that was in the air this past January for their Sandy Hook Benefit Concert was absolutely breathtaking. I’ve never seen so much local and state support in the musical arena, very musician supported one another, and the writers, the photographers, and the bars all were genuinely happy to be part of it.

Jack Nickelz: How often do you and Them get together to prepare for shows or come up with new things to do?

Joey Batts: Practice? You wanna about practice? Practice? Hahaha – sorry – I couldn’t resist… remember when Iverson was the fucking MAN??? Anyways… Recently I made my good friend and lead guitarist, Tony Volpe, the band director. He is writing, aside from the lyrics, all the riffs, and all the music that we’ll be doing for our upcoming shows and our sophomore album. Tony makes sure that we get together as a band, at least once a week, in addition to him having sessions with our unparalleled drummer, Beat Wiz and our newest bass player Vinny.

Jack Nickelz: Well thank you for taking time out to talk to the readers. Do you have any upcoming shows that you would like to promote?

Joey Batts: Please just check out www.rapjoeybatts.com and like Joey Batts & them on FB and hit me up @rapjoeybatts on twitter… unfortunately we live in a ridiculously technological age – and all that bullshit is necessary. But trust me… once you see us live and in person – you won’t regret it. I’m that fuckin’ awesome. And don’t forget – I’m your best friend :)

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Joey Batts performing with Mandrake Mechanism 9/16



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