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EightSixty Custom Skate Shop: Grand Opening




So me and the sidekick headed over to the Eightsixty Custom Skate Shop to celebrate their grand opening. And I will be honest…it was an event. Not only is this place a skate shop, but it always has an indoor skate park. Dope right? So the first half of the day you got to see skaters of all skill levels do their thing on the ramps. The second part of the day that set up a stage and had some of the amazing local music talent grace the mic. Everyone from Maia CC to MC/Host Joey Batts. They even had a impromptu freestyle session just to keep the feeling going. Which, of course I jumped in on. Food and drinks outside and a little stand for my homie, Dewey’s “Hartford” line of gear.

Even though the rain came down, people came out to support. And that meant alot. You see the Skater crowd has always been seen as slackers who can never really do anything. Hoodlums who run around with no respect for anything. Almost exactly what they say about the Hip Hop crowd. But this…this among many others showed that both crowds could come together to accomplish something. Some may see this as just another skate shop, but I’m not that foolish.

I see EightSixty Custom for what it really is. A symbol as a local business. A sign that the kids you thought were lost, really know where they are and where they are going.

This skate shop is the sign that when not given the avenue or venue, we have what it takes to create it for ourselves.

Thank you EightSixty Custom. not for eventing me to an event, but for making me apart of a movement.

For more pictures from the event check out the link below…..


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#GiveTheDrummerSomeTour Day 3: #860




Day 3: Hartford, CT.  If I do say so myself, we are DAMN good at what we do.  And I don’t mean rapping, playing drums, writing songs, performing etc;  I mean our professional execution.  The show last night was set up to fail, straight up… but giving up simply is not in our full blast nature.  Mike Vegas booked the tour in Hartford at Laetus- an asian restraunt by day, nighclub by night.  Realy nice, classy spot…… wait for it….with no soundsystem.  Slanty face bro!  This was probably the 6th or 7th show Ive booked thru Mike (ex Hartford Room owner) and weve never had an issue, its always a blast in Hartford and the sound has never been an issue.  I got the excuses for days from everyone blah blah blah but at the end of the day providing a venue without a soundsystem is simply unacceptable.  What was even more unacceptable was that this dude was pulling double duty and was running another rock show down the street (which was obviously his priority because he left about 9pm and didnt come back till about 1am.) Slanty face bro!

Needless to say, myself,Chuck and dj Friz are left with 2 Asian ladies who dont speak english, to figure out a funky home audio soundsystem with a busted fuse and 2 heavy objects literally sitting on top of it to hold weight down on it to get power.  Huge fucking slanty face bro!!  

I was THIS close to cancelling the whole thing but my DJ, aka Friz aka MacGyver with the audio, aka MV FUCKING P, somehow jerry rigged this shit to work, and thru much patience and Chuck holding down the host tip, we figured out the happiest medium possible and had a show.

 To be honest, I’ve heard much worse when it comes to shit sound systems.  And to be even more honest, the acts who really struggled last night with the audio are acts with shitty quality beats, man.  Sorry not sorry- if u cant eq your shit properly, or at least throw your studio engineer 20 bucks to eq your shit for you,  dont do live shows.  (Oh and if u dont have 10 bucks to pay a cover don’t attend them either, but thats another rant for another day)  Adapting and rolling with the punches, especially when it comes to indie shows is key to sucess in the music industry.  From sound/soundman issues, to disorderly fans/crowds, to janky promoters- only a professional will chameleon that shit, and hold it down as they should.., but if the quality of your music is bad, youre handicapped from jump street. 

Anyway, once the sound was figured out we actually had a dope show!  Very nice turnout (about 75 heads) and an overall awesome vibe.  I love rocking shows with my friends; Respek (who has killer new music with live guitar), Crooked Mindz, Average Cit, Netta, and Law are FBM mainstays who already know!  But real talk both Arkatex and Stryfe who are both new to our events really impressed me last night.

Shout out to 168erz who came thru last minute when a few acts cancelled, and all the homies who KILLED the cipher at the end of the night. It was great to see Joey Batts, Blak Philly, Buck 80, and everyone else who came out to support. Hartford is always ill beacause even tho we CT all day, we always leave the 860 with a few new fans and friends- and thats what this is all about.

It felt great driving back to BPT last night, because a. I got to sleep in my own bed fort the last time for 9 days, and b. We held that shit down yo.  Took an impossible situation and made it rock. Definitely proud of myself and my crew.

We in Providence tonight!  Give the drummer some! 


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9th Annual Hartford Hip-Hop Festival



9th Annual Hartford Hip Hop Festival this Saturday Nov. 17th!! 11am-4pm at Hartford Public Library 500 Main St Hartford CT, Free Family Event hosted by Self Suffice ft a Youth BBoy/BGirl Battle, Popping Battle, DJ Stealth on the breaks, Live Performances by Kemet Maroon, Logikil, Qusharia Perry, Troy Eason & more, Awards Ceremony, Art Gallery, Vendors & Free Giveaways 2! Event brought to you by the L.X.Y. Community Center, Zulu Nation 860 & Mic On Deck, come out & celebrate Hip Hop History month with us next Saturday, Nov. 17th!
Saturday, November 17, 2012.
11:00am until 4:00pm.
Free family event
Hosted by Self Suffice w/ DJ Stealth

Free giveaways
Youth Bboy Battle
Popping Battle
Awards ceremony
Art Gallery

Hartford Public Library
500 Main st
Downtown Hartford CT

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Birdcall And Klokwize Brought It Back



A lot of videos nowadays have the effects, the flash, and the production value, but that stuff is not what got me into hip-hop. I like seeing someone who doesn’t look bored when they’re rhyming. Birdcall and Klokwize have delivered on that front with this, without a doubt. This is a dope tune, with a very classic hip-hop feel. That’s all you need to know.


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KLOKWIZE – Round And Round




Klokwize is still on his grind! The first single off of his new release, “Hood Hippie: The Album,” features the soulful voice of Brendan D’Amico. Klok and Brendan channel smooth tones to describe the “Round and Round” tug-of-war of a broken relationship. The album is out now, and available on iTunes.  Dig it!

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