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#GiveTheDrummerSomeTour Day 11 #ItsBeenReal




Day 11: Raleigh, NC.  For a while now, Raleigh is my favorite city to play (tied with providence) – the people are so nice, the music scene is popping, the venues are all dope with ill soundsystems. And the fooooooooood is amazing. It was an all around dope night, with that bittersweet twist, as this was the last show of the tour.

Deep South is a really cool venue with quotes from songs painted literally all over it (walls, ceiling, bar, floor, etc).  Just a cool vibe from the minute we showed up to the minute we left; the staff and soundman were great.  (yes im bigging up the soundman)

Carina Fosse of Live and Loud productions booked the tour- she was actually the first promoter/show organizer to book me in NC a few years ago, and since then Ive made a lot of connections down there, done a lot of shows with other people but it was nice to revisit a Live and Loud show.  Theres always so much love and respect in Raleigh, and it was especially dope seeing our friend Cesar Comanche out supporting.  The crowd was into it and vibing nicely all night.

DJ Trizzak is not only one of my favorite djs in the country but also one of my favorite people.  I wish i could kick it with the homie more often, so much music knowledge and similar music taste to mine (which is scatterbrained as fuck lol) and A LOT of fun rapping and drumming while he scratches.  Trizzy is a true friend and huge thanks to him for holding the music down (and the Cajun Chicken and hushpuppies he put me on to).  The local support was handled by Adam Rottin, St. Nickel and Cody Mclain: all 3 monsters on the mic and true underground hip hop heads but I was especially impressed by St Nickel.  Hes got a lot of positive energy on stage, good beats and is passionate about what hes saying- i definitely can dig that.  Netta and Law had great sets, its the 11th city weve visited and they didnt miss a beat.  I was also actually surpised how on point my performance was considering the wear and tear and how fucking tired I am- but I murdered that shit, and had a great reaction to the crowd.  Side note: it does not get old seeing fliers with your name and face hundreds and hundreds of miles away from home- its such a blessing to be actually doing this shit; both preemptively (booking it) and with the execution (killing it).  I cant thank everyone involved with the whole tour enough- I. LOVE. THIS. SHIT.

Well, its been real!! Im tired and NOT looking fwd to this 10 hour ride home.  This tour was a great run tho, Im super proud of Netta and Law as well as impressed by their showmanship and approach to the road life.  I will be writing a recap blog tmrw!!

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#GiveTheDrummerSomeTour Day 10 #SouthernHospitality



PicsArt_1425824773464 PicsArt_1423097209078

Day 10 – Herndon, VA.  I took a day off this blog thing but Im back.  We completed day 10 of the tour with a BANG last night in Herndon, Virginia.. And I must say the wear and tear and exhaustion of playing 9 shows in 11 days (not to mention smoking all day snd drinking each night) is starting to creep.  But its all good, this is when my super mantis energized powers kick in!

We got a hotel in Alexandria VA after the DE show was cancelled. ( Boy i wanna ether that promoter so bad but im not mentioning any names, *coughcough* Steve Seibod of OurVelocity productions whom I advise any touring artist to be weary of) ..oops. ..but we hit up an open mic in its place so we wouldnt have a second consecutive day of just sitting around in foreign territory.

Left Alexandria for Herndon and met up with Bo Jankans, Hasty Jadem, the dj 13 Ruble and the sound man at 2 pm for a very professional, welcoming soundcheck and beers on the house At Carpool.  This is a super nice and DOPE venue which not only hosts live music but has a ton of cool “adult” games for drunk people to play all night, such as life size jenga and connect 4, darts, arcades etc.  We rolled in for the show about 9 and there was already about 75 people in the place, which I was very pleased with..little did i know it would morph into about 250 heads, and this was only the beginning.

By the time the show started the place was packed and ready to party; Law set it off and crushed it as always.  Sometimes, even with a crowd, going first can be challenging.  People are settling in, greeting each other (talking), and the flow/energy of the music/performances hasnt peaked yet.  It takes a true artist and a professional performer who knows what he/shes doing to break that ice and gain the attention of a venue full of people.  A lot of promoters will put the weakest link of the night first to get it out of the way but in some cases you need the STRONGEST link/ artist to gather that audience and gain their respect and attention.  Law did just that, and we were underway.

Netta went up next and did her thing!  Shes getting a lot of love out here, along with Law- and I swear when people prop me for bringing such dope artists with me it feels even more rewarding than propping me for killing my set.  It means a lot to me to not only tour, but bring the right CT artists with me and make an impression everywhere we go, and rep for our state properly.  Some people still aint tryna give me the credit for PUTTING ON CT but its all good cuz nights like these tell me all I need to know :)   ..So many new fans, so many compliments, so much love and respect, and southern hospitality is still my favorite thing in the whole wide world.

Despite some minor issues with the soundman and his mics, which seems to be a recurring this with me and I’m starting to think soundmen are my mortal enemy  (?) Haha but seriously that was a miniscule issue because my set was awesome.  I havent mentioned it, but Ive been actually performing alone (well, just me and my drums) for the first time ever really; No Chuck Nickels and no White Cheddar holding me down on stage.  I’m a high energy performer and those few extra breaths Chuck can usually hold me down with by doing my backup vocals helps so much.. I never realized just how challenging rocking alone would be, but I’ve been killing it if I do say so myself!!  But I miss my dudes on this run real talk, cant wait for the next show back home with CTs livest hypeman!  My set last night was so fun, huge crowd and great reception.

The local support for this event was Hasty Jadem, a super dope hip hop artist bringing that essence.  Dope music, and a dope live performance- he killed it and became an instant good friend to the tour and the movement.  The host, Bo Jankans, is a fellow whom I’ve had several talks in the past about booking but it just never worked out mapping, routing and logistic wise.  Everything happens for a reason tho, because this time when I hit him up about the tour he said now’s the time- and fuck yeah was he right.  From the food/drink, to the hotel accommodations, to just being a stand up guy and hosting an amazing event- Bo Jankans. Is. That. Dude.

I have passed thru VA many many times en route to NC, SC or GA, but never actually stopped and visited, let alone performed.  It was a killer first experience, and I cant wait to go back. Check my social networks for pics from the show!!

Raleigh, NC tonight!! #GiveTheDrummerSome!


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#GiveTheDrummerSomeTour Day 7 #roadlife



Day 7- Washington D.C.  shortly after my last blog post, yesterday morning at 9 am we set out for a 7-8 hour drive thru RI, CT, NY and NJ where bad weather was expected.. and no sooner do i jump on the highway- this road raged, egotistical jackoff in a box truck (who was mad that he had to let me merge onto the highway in front of him and leaned on his horn as I simply slowed down to let him pass), attemtped to cut us off but instead smashed into the whole side of the car, detaching the mirror and leaving 2 nice gashes in the fender and passenger door. Naturally, the asshole did not stop and attempted to flee the scene, so it turned into a Full Blast high speed chase so we could get his licence #, because if we let him outta sight Netta would be left with a fucked up whip to pay for and… well, aw HELL NO.

Mind you, Nettas whip is just like her: little.  This truck hit us hard and careened us into the snow bank; it really could have been life altering.. all so some fuck face could get in front of us.  We were/are ok tho- and that is the important thing.  Anyway, they caught the pussy fucktard dickwad jerk, and im sure whatever caused him to be having such a bad, angry morning seemed like childs play compared to the afternoon he must have had lol.  Cheers, sucka.

We continued on our way, minus a rear view mirror, thru rain (at times freezing rain) for 8 hours till we hit D.C.- only had about 20 minutes to check into the hotel and dip to the venue- a nice little upstairs lounge downtown with a real cool vibe, dope art on the wall, nice staff and decent soundsystem.  It was a pretty light Wednesday night- as im sure the all day rain and serious threats of snow kept a lot of heads away, but no complaints here- the 20 or so people in the building were very much into the show and had great energy.

DJ Friz held the whole night down, his homie Harvest Black from VA set it off, and definitely did his thing.  Law is such an even keel person and artist; he never struggles and is pretty much the poster boy for “keeping it constant” – my personal motto. 168erz have always been dope but i notice them getting better and better each night.  Its like each show they go harder; and its ill having that young energy in the building each night. Dino and Bean DEF on the come up, props to them.  Netta had a great bounce back set after last night- she gets in her zone sometimes and dances around the stage smiling like a little kid and I love it. The homie Mental Stamina who runs 1VSMANY out of D.C. rocked as well, along with one of his artists Paperboy Prince, whos african tribal gown, pink and yellow dread wig, fluffly slippers and trap beats made for a very interesting set.  Ive never seen a rapper on stage throwing glitter.  I saw that last night.  D.C. is loose yo!!

Im bout to go outside, stand in the middle of the parking lot and smoke a fat blunt of MARIJUANA- why? Because MARIJUANA IS LEGAL HERE RIGHT NOW BITCHEZ. yup.  Obama I love you! P.OP. HOLD IT DOWWWN! im smokin till im legally bliiiiind!!

Show tonight at Univerisy of MD. Yeah buddy. #givethedrummersometour

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#GiveTheDrummerSomeTour Day 6 #winterwonderland



Day 6 – Providence, RI.  Im up at 8am blogging, because we have an early show in D.C. tonight and a 7 hour drive thru possibly questionable weather conditions.  Speaking of weather conditions, mother nature has not been down with us so far lol but we still seem to prevail on a daily.  Show last night was at DV8 in downtown Providence at 8, …it started snowing at about 5:30.  I kept checking my phone for a msg from the promoter cancelling due to weather for the 2nd providence show on this tour-   That msg never came, thankfully, and we beasted it thru the snow from the hotel in West Greenwich to Providence.

DJ Friz, who is like my best friend from back in the day who moved down south just as my music shit started to pick up, is now back in full effect, and 100% down with the movement.  Unfortunately some of the crew had car trouble and Chuck, Connect, and Justin Flores didnt make it, but Friz came thru in the clutch once again.  The show took a little longer to start than expected, as everyone was dealing with the snow trying to get there, but yo.  Son.  When the shit went down, it went DOWN.

I was so happy with the turnout on a Tuesday night in a snowstorm; the floor filled in nicely for all the performers, and I was truly shocked by the crowd and reception for my set.  People seem to really be indentifying with me and what im trying to do on this run, and the amount of love and respect me and my music are getting is truly a blessing.  Mad energy, much love and solid crowds on a nightly Basis; I cannot ask for anything more when executing an indie tour run.

The show was booked by Keynote Company, who is killing it in RI and Boston right now, bringing in major talent on the reggie lately such as Jadakiss, Slick Rick, KRS, Slaughterhouse and many more- so I was honored Rich had interest in my tour and booked it in one of my favorite markets/cities.  I met a lot of new people, gained a bunch of new fans, and got to kick it with some old friends as well.  Hock set it off, and I was very impressed by his set- he reminds me of old def jux style rap, very real and hes a good dude whos supported the FBM since we met on the last tour. NightEnders, whom I’ve had in CT a few months back, always kill it with great stage chemistry- and United Soul Alliance, who I met for the first time yesterday, were very dope traditional style hip hop.  Rokstar Walt did his thing as well, but this one kid who came down from Boston to perform really tore it down.  His name is Devin Ferrara (i think thats the spelling?) and he plays saxaphone and raps during his set.  Rich from Keynote knew he’d be a great fit for my show and i couldnt agree more.  Law Musik had the best set imo, he gets a lot of love out here!  Netta battled thru some technical difficulties but ultimately  won the crowd over and was busy taking pics and gettng rid of cds for the remainder of the night.  Im very proud of these two artists!

Providence and Keynote, thank you so much for braving the elements to come rock with this tour.  I loved this city and scene before, but now I really feel like a part of it.   Peace!


Oh id have pics up but this app is weird and says every pic is too large. ?. But make sure to friend me on facbook: Tex DueceBug Watson, and follow on IG: @duecebug203 to see all the cool pics from tour!

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#GiveTheDrummerSomeTour Day 5 #ZuluLove



FB_IMG_1425402563219FB_IMG_1425402460117Day 5: Univeristy of RI ( radio interview) and Newport, RI (show)

So I didnt blog yesterday because the show at Simons in Providence was cancelled because of the snow.

(Mon) Me and Netta dipped out of Bridgeport about 11 am, had a smooth ride to RI, ironically, because just the night prior it was almost impossible driving conditions.  Checked into the hotel and headed to Rhode Island University, where my brother King Ruckus hosts a weekly radio show called Pyramid Sounds.  Ruck is part of the RhymeCulture RI and Zulu Nation RI movements, and him and Yaseen, among many others, ALWAYS hold it down for us.   We were met there by Law, Shabba and 168erz.  Myself and Law have done the radio show a few times before but Netta and 168erz were new to the room.  BTW its been awesome traveling and rooming with Netta; shes so young in the game and has this film of innocence over her that will most likely be shed by the end of this run lol.  But seeing her so excited to do every little thing, from checking in to the hotel to rocking the stage, and soaking it all up the way she is is so endearing and qyite frankly I miss feeling that.  Shes been killing it every night, and was the MVP of the radio sit in.  This girl has a special talent and a crazy voice, its only a matter of tine for her, i truly believe that.   The interview was dope, the cipher was strong, and its always a great time chilling with Ruckus in the stood.

We had about an hour and a half to chill out before the show at Jimmys in Newport, whos hand cut, fried potato chips are WINNING, and one of my favorite parts of visiting Newport, real talk.  We met Chuck there, props to him and Beli for making the drive up after work-  The show was fun, ran very smooth and featured local support from Sypha Shod, Tommy Oh and Tro- 3 very talented RI mcs.  Absolutely no complaints for a Monday night in Newport, there was a nice little crowd there, and much love in the building.  Huge thanks to Yaseen, Ruck and Jimmys Saloon for having us!

I drank too much beer, woke up feeling like crap and hit the surprisingly decent continental breakfast at the hotel; waffles eggs, home fries, fruit and Bagels!  In my experience, most continental breakfasts consist of a box of fruit loops and a nutra grain bar, and maybe a smile- so this was a nice switchup.  

Tonight we slide thru dv8 in Providence- looking fwd to it! – #GiveTheDrummerSome!

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#GiveTheDrummerSomeTour Day 3: #860




Day 3: Hartford, CT.  If I do say so myself, we are DAMN good at what we do.  And I don’t mean rapping, playing drums, writing songs, performing etc;  I mean our professional execution.  The show last night was set up to fail, straight up… but giving up simply is not in our full blast nature.  Mike Vegas booked the tour in Hartford at Laetus- an asian restraunt by day, nighclub by night.  Realy nice, classy spot…… wait for it….with no soundsystem.  Slanty face bro!  This was probably the 6th or 7th show Ive booked thru Mike (ex Hartford Room owner) and weve never had an issue, its always a blast in Hartford and the sound has never been an issue.  I got the excuses for days from everyone blah blah blah but at the end of the day providing a venue without a soundsystem is simply unacceptable.  What was even more unacceptable was that this dude was pulling double duty and was running another rock show down the street (which was obviously his priority because he left about 9pm and didnt come back till about 1am.) Slanty face bro!

Needless to say, myself,Chuck and dj Friz are left with 2 Asian ladies who dont speak english, to figure out a funky home audio soundsystem with a busted fuse and 2 heavy objects literally sitting on top of it to hold weight down on it to get power.  Huge fucking slanty face bro!!  

I was THIS close to cancelling the whole thing but my DJ, aka Friz aka MacGyver with the audio, aka MV FUCKING P, somehow jerry rigged this shit to work, and thru much patience and Chuck holding down the host tip, we figured out the happiest medium possible and had a show.

 To be honest, I’ve heard much worse when it comes to shit sound systems.  And to be even more honest, the acts who really struggled last night with the audio are acts with shitty quality beats, man.  Sorry not sorry- if u cant eq your shit properly, or at least throw your studio engineer 20 bucks to eq your shit for you,  dont do live shows.  (Oh and if u dont have 10 bucks to pay a cover don’t attend them either, but thats another rant for another day)  Adapting and rolling with the punches, especially when it comes to indie shows is key to sucess in the music industry.  From sound/soundman issues, to disorderly fans/crowds, to janky promoters- only a professional will chameleon that shit, and hold it down as they should.., but if the quality of your music is bad, youre handicapped from jump street. 

Anyway, once the sound was figured out we actually had a dope show!  Very nice turnout (about 75 heads) and an overall awesome vibe.  I love rocking shows with my friends; Respek (who has killer new music with live guitar), Crooked Mindz, Average Cit, Netta, and Law are FBM mainstays who already know!  But real talk both Arkatex and Stryfe who are both new to our events really impressed me last night.

Shout out to 168erz who came thru last minute when a few acts cancelled, and all the homies who KILLED the cipher at the end of the night. It was great to see Joey Batts, Blak Philly, Buck 80, and everyone else who came out to support. Hartford is always ill beacause even tho we CT all day, we always leave the 860 with a few new fans and friends- and thats what this is all about.

It felt great driving back to BPT last night, because a. I got to sleep in my own bed fort the last time for 9 days, and b. We held that shit down yo.  Took an impossible situation and made it rock. Definitely proud of myself and my crew.

We in Providence tonight!  Give the drummer some! 


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#GiveTheDrummerSomeTour DAY 2: #BrightLightsBigCity



received_10205527852732198IMG_20150227_170802Day 2- NYC.  Lit Lounge is a crazy dope venue on the lower east side.  Its brick and stone block, and tight passageways reminded me of an ancient castle, or a level of Zelda.  This show couldn’t possibly have packed any more people into its basement; the true underground essence was definitely in full effect in there.  Seriously, I couldnt even move and there was a legit line to get in all night; we even had a good # of heads there to see us.  The Raw, sweaty, smoke filled, real hip hop atmosphere was perfect and we all felt very much at home.

Netta and Law set it off, both crushed it and really impressed everyone in the room.  I used the house drum kit, because i was NOT trying to lug my kit thru the snow in the city streets with all its craziness and questionable parking, but probably should have lol.  The kick drum pedal would not fasten to the kick, and there was no rug down so it kept sliding, but as always we adjust and make do… this was literally my only complaint of the show put on by my friend Case and Henchmen Records.

Our nyc homies Zeps and Dama Nilz absolutely killed it, as well as all the other artists on the bill. A lot of talent, no drama, no swagginess, no rapping over vocals, no stupid egos, just good people rocking good hip hop all night.   Word- ill drink to that!

Tour hits CTs capitol tonight!  HARTFORD SEE YOU AT LAETUS!!! Give the drummer some!!



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DAY 1 #GiveTheDrummerSomeTour #SoItBegins



Day 1 – Tour kicked off in Stratford last night, at a small bar i had never heard of called Tavern 520.  although this was technically a tour date- it didnt really feel like it just yet as we were only 12 minutes from home on the Stratford/Bpt border.

Its not too often I perform for other promoters in CT; I’m known for booking all my own events under the Full Blast Movement (because quite frankly no other promoters in CT can do for me what i can do for myself when it comes to live shows) but my EDM dj buddy DJ Daysix aka Will Haynes has been very supportive over the years and has been trying to bring myself and Full Blast into their EDM scene for quite some time.  When on tour, playing for a different market each night, I have no choice but to loosen the grip of control and sacrifice what im normally used to (both monetarily, and setup/organization wize).  This concerned me a bit initially but I decided to give them a chance and book my tour 12 min from home thru Delusional Society.. and i honestly was very pleased.  Despite some sound issues, no mic stand and a 13 inch mic cord (which was actually hilarious to see Chuck confined to because we are usually free moving about the room), it went well.  We had a great turn out, and dope opening sets from our rap friends Kendrew, Sour D Green and Centinels.  Some old frends came out too; it was great to see Smillz, Dave from D Cyphernauts, Expertiz, Tre Banga, Jahan Nostra and many others out supporting.  Netta and Law killed it as always, and im very excited to see what they bring for the rest of the tour, but the MVPs last night were 168erz. Stratford is their home turf, and they showed up and showed out; always a dope show.  Although i dont have any craziness to report on (yet lol) it was a good night and a super positive and fun way to kick off this run.

The #GiveTheDrummerSomeTour hits NYC tonight at Lit Lounge with my homies Dama Nilz, Mental Case and Zeps- day 2!! Cant wait. The city is always an experience when FBM comes thru! Till tomorrow- peace!PicsArt_1422797638467


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CTHipHop.net to host daily blog from Duece Bug’s #GiveTheDrummerSomeTour



CTHipHop.net to host daily blog from Duece Bug’s #GiveTheDrummerSomeTour


Peace!  I’m happy to announce that I will be writing a daily tour blog from the #GiveTheDrummerSomeTour – Feb 26 thru March 8,  I will be blogging every day regarding all the ins and outs of tour life; from the road to the shows to the innerworkings to the craziness… Ill let it all out.  Hope you tune in and follow whats sure to be a great run!


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Full Blast Movement – Understand official video



Full Blast Movement: “Understand” official music video; off upcoming album, #HighVolume out 6/6/14. Video directed/edited by Edwin Escobar Films. Track produced by CVS the Abstract.

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Full Blast Movement – East Coast Movement Tour CT Date



This friday. March 7th, Full Blast Movement and the rest of tour line up will be rocking at the Hartford Room with some of Connecticut’s finest emcees.

The line up is:
Full Blast Movement
Law Musik
Tha Red Baron
Crooked Mindz
Funk Gero

Full Blast Movement East Coast Movement tour, Hartford CT date

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Duece Bug – Dont Sleep (ft. Sid Wilson of Slipknot)



Duece Bug of the Full Blast Movement dropped a video for his song “Dont Sleep” ft. Sid Wilson. Edwin Escobar did the video. This is the 2nd video from his album “MANTIS”.

This video is CRAZY

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Tune into the radio…



I know thats something you probably didnt think you would hear from anyone over at CTHipHop.net but, incase you guys havent heard about two online radio programs from members of CT’s own Full Blast Movement, we must inform yall. Every thursday you guys will have to check out:

ZFG (Zero Fhux Given) with Unikron, D Jax, and Just Drew

Zero Fhux Given


Itz Ur Underground Radio w/ Chuck Nickels and Jaydee.

Itz Ur Underground

They are both located at http://www.ctplayhouse.co

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Whatchu Know ‘Bout That Verbal/Vandal?



Verbal/Vandal – dUECE bUG feat. PACER, directed and edited by Adam Szantyr

Tainted Design’s  brings you a video that is Hip Hop to the bone. You’ve got one of Fullblast Movement’s MCs- Duece Bug and some graffiti magic by an artist that can make the mechanisms of clocks come to life within art, and is known to also transform the nearest wall into a mural that doesn’t even need to be shown off- the colors speak for themselves.

Duece’s lyrics paint the bigger picture of the Graffiti world, as well as the elements of the Hip Hop scene, with his words.
He said it the best:  “It’s outerspace, it’s the craft of greats, feel the energy in the aerosol after taste.”

And they even got Graffiti Nation to recognize.
“Represent Hip Hop, Word to the Elements” 

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