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EightSixty Custom Skate Shop: Grand Opening




So me and the sidekick headed over to the Eightsixty Custom Skate Shop to celebrate their grand opening. And I will be honest…it was an event. Not only is this place a skate shop, but it always has an indoor skate park. Dope right? So the first half of the day you got to see skaters of all skill levels do their thing on the ramps. The second part of the day that set up a stage and had some of the amazing local music talent grace the mic. Everyone from Maia CC to MC/Host Joey Batts. They even had a impromptu freestyle session just to keep the feeling going. Which, of course I jumped in on. Food and drinks outside and a little stand for my homie, Dewey’s “Hartford” line of gear.

Even though the rain came down, people came out to support. And that meant alot. You see the Skater crowd has always been seen as slackers who can never really do anything. Hoodlums who run around with no respect for anything. Almost exactly what they say about the Hip Hop crowd. But this…this among many others showed that both crowds could come together to accomplish something. Some may see this as just another skate shop, but I’m not that foolish.

I see EightSixty Custom for what it really is. A symbol as a local business. A sign that the kids you thought were lost, really know where they are and where they are going.

This skate shop is the sign that when not given the avenue or venue, we have what it takes to create it for ourselves.

Thank you EightSixty Custom. not for eventing me to an event, but for making me apart of a movement.

For more pictures from the event check out the link below…..


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DFL – Where The Sidewalk Ends EP



Stratford emcee DFL dropped his new EP entitled “Where The Sidewalk Ends”. It features guest appearances from Tha Red Baron, Young Cubscout, Com Plex, Manic, Def & MAIA. Check it out below:

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The Efflorescence: Rockoleone & DJ Stress Interview



Fresh off of wrapping up their newest project, I had a chance to sit down with Rockoleone and DJ Stress and pick their brain about everything that went into The Efflorescence. Everything from guest appearances to figuring out the direction and sound of the project is talked about in this interview. Click the link and enjoy the dopeness…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5jADwc3I24(Click Here For Interview)

After listening to the interview, don’t forget to cop the project at:



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I Am Solo



Solo is an independent artist from the Hartford/East Hartford area. Somewhat new to the scene but growing not only as an artist but a person. I’ve had the honor of watching Solo take steps towards becoming a all round producing and emceeing threat. Recently i had the chance to sit down with Solo and pick his brain about his thoughts on the game as it stands today.

Jack Nickelz: What was your first Hip Hop experience?

Solo: I remember listening to red and meths “How High” on cassette at my grandparents house. Rap was banned from my house so the fact my grandfather would let me and my brother wild out and recite word for word was the best. There is more music but the list is long.

Jack Nickelz: What made you start emceeing and producing?

Solo: The emcee part came from listening to so much music and thinking how great it would be to have a skill like that not realizing that I had it in me already I just never utilized it plus my brother gave that push to just do it. Now as far as the producer part that just stemmed from my gift of playing back what I heard on my piano as a kid. It sometimes drives me crazy on both ends because I will loose sleep over not being about to get a certain sound or what I’m trying to put out lyrically.

Jack Nickelz: Do you remember what your first song was?

Solo: My 1st studio song was off my “Beginning of A New Error Ep” album entitled “Preordained”. The track was a true to life intro of me as a person and my experiences a few years prior. I was given an opportunity from a friend who had heard some of my older material and the rest is history.

Jack Nickelz: Tell us about your current project?

Solo: The current project that I am working on is titled “End of A New Error” which follows the past 2 projects “Beginning of A New Error” and “The Darkest Hour”. The 1st was to be released on my 25th which was delayed due to personal issues and the 2nd was released after tragedy struck which put me in a dark place in my life. Now the idea behind “End of A New Error” is basically closure for myself and also some new experiences in my life which are heard on tracks such as “Fatherhood” which is my personal view as a father but also an underlined message from a males perspective on the subject and “Harsh” which gives a personal point of view of how some perceive my reactions to things around me as a whole. Basically my “how comes” and “just because” answers to the remarks I’ve heard over my lifetime.

Jack Nickelz: Are you working with anyone on this project?

Solo: The album is still in the beginning stages so the decision as far as features hasn’t been made yet. But, as far as beats go I’ve worked with 2 other artist/producers “Jack Nickelz” and “Tone Benjaminz” with whom I’ve worked with in the past and have backed me up on this project. I myself have also worked on the beats which pretty much pulls the sounds from my own head so I can sleep at night.

Jack Nickelz: Who are some of your influences as an Emcee?

Solo: Outkast, 2pac,Tech N9ne and Eminem, the list is larger than the few mentioned but that’s off the top of my head. To me they all have the ability to tell a story and some material from each I can relate to.

Jack Nickelz: Who influences you as a producer?

Solo: For me personally I couldn’t just name any particular person or sound due to the fact that I listen to a very wide variety of music. One day I might listen to R&B or wake up and want to listen to some Rock & Roll it all depends on my mood. So we can just leave it as music being my influence.

Jack Nickelz: What makes you different from the other artists that are currently out?

Solo: The fact I am literal on what I write. I use my personal life and views to a T without fault or guilt of maybe this can possibly rub someone the wrong way or make me deal with my own issues even when I don’t want to. More so therapeutic than anything else. Some will relate because they don’t know how to voice it and some may dislike it all together which is OK for me because it me no fabricated material whatsoever.

Jack Nickelz: What is your view on the current Hip Hop scene?

Solo: Wow that is so easy but so hard for the mere fact that what I heard growing up was totally different from whats being portrayed now. I mean the image and lyrical content as a whole is going in a direction that gives you that “what the f*ck” feeling. You can’t possibly tell me you have all those cars,money and jewelry. I mean if you do that’s great but really every song on the radio is about it. Give me some real life topics to relate to. There is so much more to life than all those things. It could be a front or dream for so many but I want relate-able and lyrical material not this bubble gum mess.

Jack Nickelz: Do you feel major labels are still important?

Solo: With the internet and all these avenues of technology I would think no just because you pretty much can sit in the confinement of your own home and do it yourself on your laptop or whatever you use. I mean as far as record deals go unless you really want to be bound into a contract and paying everyone else to do the work for you when you can do it yourself I don’t feel them being important. I could be wrong but that’s just how I see it.

Jack Nickelz: What advice would you give anyone trying to get into the game?

Solo: I would just have to say be yourself and don’t let anyone tell you differently. You will have many that’ll say oh that’s trash or you don’t have what it takes which is just fine because everyone is entitled to their own opinions but, don’t let that stop you from doing you. This business is cut throat and has no problem putting you on your a** if you let them. Stand your ground and keep pushing through.

Jack Nickelz: Thank you for taking time out to answer some questions. Is there anything else you would like to say to the fans and readers?

Solo: No thank you for considering me for this article. As for the readers keep and eye open for my album “End of A New Error” which is scheduled for release on 12.02.2014. You can follow progress on twitter @Iam_solo and ig @iam_solo82

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Jae Profit – “Episode”



Co Ceo of Connecticut Crime Family Ent Jae Profit dropped some visuals from his forthcoming mix tape/dvd “ArchBishop”
Visuals directed & Edited by: Jazpixels

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Kid Karma – Dead End Street (ft. Scarz & G-Bunny) (prod. by Alchemist)



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Cityy Towers – “2:A.M. In Father Panik” music video



Cityy Towers dropped a video for his joint “2:A.M. In Father Panik” awhile ago and I dont know how it didnt get posted yet, the video was directed by MRDONTBEMAD, but incase yall havent seen it peep the flavor below.:

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Apollo Suns – “Cold World In Connecticut EP”



The homies in Apollo Suns dropped their first ep “Cold World In Connecticut”
You can stream it below:

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The Pilotz – Devils Breath ep



Myself and my brother Young Cubscout make up a group called “The Pilotz”. We finally released our EP called “Devils Breath” to celebrate the new year. You can stream it below:

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DJ Semi – Making The Beat



DJ Semi has started a new web series called “Making The Beat”. As the title implies it basically shows you how to make the beat.

Its pretty cool, check it out.


Part 2 ft Chris Webby

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Tha Red Baron – Meddling Kids lyric video



I wouldnt normally post my own music on here but I was truly IMPRESSED with how well Mike Squires did on it. I hope you guys enjoy!

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Whatchu Know ‘Bout That Verbal/Vandal?



Verbal/Vandal – dUECE bUG feat. PACER, directed and edited by Adam Szantyr

Tainted Design’s  brings you a video that is Hip Hop to the bone. You’ve got one of Fullblast Movement’s MCs- Duece Bug and some graffiti magic by an artist that can make the mechanisms of clocks come to life within art, and is known to also transform the nearest wall into a mural that doesn’t even need to be shown off- the colors speak for themselves.

Duece’s lyrics paint the bigger picture of the Graffiti world, as well as the elements of the Hip Hop scene, with his words.
He said it the best:  “It’s outerspace, it’s the craft of greats, feel the energy in the aerosol after taste.”

And they even got Graffiti Nation to recognize.
“Represent Hip Hop, Word to the Elements” 

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Leathal Wreckords NOW HIRING!



You heard correctly, Bristol based Leathal Wreckords is looking for someone special to work with. As for the details… I’ll let Fury, head of Leathal Wreckords, tell you all about it himself:

“ATTENTION ALL ARTISTS IN THE NEW ENGLAND AREA: With everything going the way it has been for the past year, I know that its time to make some drastic changes. I am looking for highly motivated individuals who want to take their music to the next level.

Once every so often when the planets are aligned in a certain way I start looking for new acts to become part of my crew. I need a few new members to the team to help rejuvinate Leathal Wreckords and bring us back to being a team of people that can actually count on eachother.

If you feel like you can contribute to a 10 year legacy of success greatness holla at me. You must be willing to work hard, to invest, to travel, and to be ready to take your music to new heights that you never thought possible… Who will answer the call?! hit me up Furylw@gmail.com”

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NEW From 5:AM and Donnie Menace



Two of CT’s rawest MCs, who bring bars that will have your mother crying and in heat all at the same time. It’s magic. And if you don’t like it— SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH!

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New Joint from Cy-Matics



Click the above picture to hear the story behind some Harsh Times that were brought out by this awesome beat. A lot of great lines and a solid journey, this is definitely a start to finish track that won’t get old. I will surely be keeping it in rotation on my CT Underground playlist and you can too, since it’s a free download!

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