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The Saurus vs. Ness Lee & Homi’s Shirt



This is probably the most gonzo, bug-nutty, holy-crap-tacular battle I’ve ever seen. There was rebuttals for rebuttals. You ever see that before? No? I didn’t think so. Not only that, but some of the bars were absolutely mind-blowing to begin with, and many were really personal. Best part: It all happened here in CT, and I got to hang out there all day, interview The Saurus, and drink like a fish.

I have to share the other thing that blew my mind at The Takeover. Homi literally gave a dude the shirt off his back. I wish I had gotten it on tape, but it happened too fast to catch. HOWEVER, I had seen the guy earlier in the day, and told him how awesome his shirt was. That’s right; this guy had not one, but two awesome shirts on, at the same time, and it’s all because Homi was having a good night.

Original shirt: "I'm So High Right Now"

With Homi’s shirt, sent to me after the show: He's got Homi's Shirt On!

Much more to come about the Takeover, but those are definitely the two biggest highlights from that night, maybe save Cheddar vs. Syckflow.

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I’m Going To Hell Because Of iBattle



iBattle did something really bad. They put Dia in a 2v2, with Tapedeck as his partner, against White Cheddar and James Joyce.

Logic, man, I’m just saying, this kinda shit should be illegal. I’m not sure Dia’s even won any battles at this point, so you put him against Cheddar and Joyce, WITH TAPEDECK AS HIS PARTNER. I just used caps for emphasis, and then bold on this to emphasize my emphasis! That’s like throwing babies to wolves, son!

Speaking of brutal victories, I’ve got another video for this post. iBattle seems to think that watching MC’s get stomped flat is fun. I happen to agree.

I said it to Brash earlier today, and I’ll say it again. Volunteering to battle Ill is like volunteering to be fucked to death by a gorilla. Brave and stupid. No doubt, Locksley came hard, but you can’t come hard enough to beat Ill. That’s all I have to say about that.

Up next from iBattle:

Holy Crap, More Brutality?


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iBattle Worldwide Presents: DECLARATION OF WAR



iBattle Worldwide PresentsDECLARATION OF WAR

 Hosted by Logic, Nasdaq Ness & Special Guest Host: RICH DOLARZ (URL)

Homi Vs Moroney
Theory Truth Vs Sho’Nuff Da Shogun
King Bunzy Vs A-Assassin
Greedy Grimes Vs Rhyno Da Great
Cityy Towers Vs Derico
Fat Boy Vs Hoodlum
Park City Vs Ezac The Emcee
Paranormal Vs Sesamill
Q Da Genral Vs J-Ripp
RD Da Chef Vs Ju Davil
JusDj Vs Ghost

Vega Vs 36 O’s

Special Live Performances by:
Young Steady
Jus Mula
Mark Dubb
Nasdaq Ness

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