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Dia is better than you at everything.



I have no idea why two prominent CT hip-hop artists decided to go upstate to strut their stuff… maybe they were trying to off some beats in a different market. Regardless, you have to admire the shit out of someone who makes better beats than you, and doesn’t have arms or legs. I understand how that’s probably going to come across to people. At this point, it shouldn’t matter what color or how many arms or legs you have or whatever cliche non-logical argument you can conjure in regards to Dia’s skills and situation. Let me be clear: Dia is better than you, even if he had arms or legs. I’ve seen him rip it on stage a lot now, and I respekcongnize the skills. The production aspect of his art is new to me, but GOD DAMN… that’s heat. This video shows it. Even if you didn’t know about the dude’s handicap, you should be impressed. If you’re not inspired, there’s something wrong with you.

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