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iBattle Worldwide Presents: Allegiance 3



iBattle Worldwide Presents: Allegiance 3


iBattle Worldwide Presents: Allegiance 3

TICKETS: $25 Pre Sale

Also available are STAGE PASSES
for $50 keeping you right in front of the action
which are all inclusive with discount drink prices, access to Mcs and media with full buffet…




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iBattle Worldwide Presents Cityy Towers Vs Ah Di Boom



iBattle Worldwide Presents Cityy Towers Vs Ah Di Boom

**Highly anticipated iBattle main event match up from Winter Warzone 2 was supposed to go down on Dec 20th but for unforeseen circumstances was unable to happen. This is the Re-Do**. . (apologies the camera work wasn’t our normal crew)

iBattle Worldwide Presents: Cityy Towers Vs Ah Di Boom
Hosted By Tapedeck, Lady Law, & QB

iBattle Worldwide Links:
Instagram: @iBattleTV… Main Channel… Secondary Channel

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iBattle Presents: Tapedeck vs. Stainless



I’m sort of surprised battles like this don’t get more attention. A few of you may not have heard, but iBattle almost went into a situation where it would have had to shut down. This is NOT GOOD. iBattle is one of the few good leagues left, and they put CT on in a big way. If you’re not showing support to what they’re doing, you’re not doing it right.


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iBattle – Takeover 2 – Sept 14th, 2013 – Brash’s Predictions



I’ll keep it brief – no one in the east is doing what Logic and godAWFUL are doing. This is going to be a multi-million view event. My predictions:

Bender vs Dirt: Dirt is going to decapitate Bender. 3-0.

Lotta Zay vs. Birxx Belvedere: This is going to be a debatable, as this is a pretty even match up. 2-1 either way.

K-Kendle vs. Cortez: I find it unlikely that Cortez will win this. Kendle is a beast. This is hands down, going to be the battle of the night, or the runner up for being so. Kendle 2-1. Cortez is alright tho.

Daylyt vs. Cityy Towers: Citty impresses the shit out of me both as a battle emcee and a recording artist. Dude has more talent in his pinkie finger than most battle leagues that have retainers out on battle rappers. Daylyt looks like he might mug someone all the time. This is another one to watch – but I have a feeling that, since Citty is constantly beasting everything he does, he’s got this. 2-1 though.

Blackheart Adonis vs. Luciano Crakk: Blackheart Adonis – and I’m feeling this will be a 3-0 body bag.

Aktive vs. P-Ro: This could go either way.

Nasdaq Ness vs. Amazing D-Boy: Nasdaq Ness got this 2-1.

Rio Vs. Screem: Flip a coin on this one.

Real Talk vs. Tru Wordz: Tru Wordz will take this – I’m assuming a 3-0 but Real might edge out a round.

Stainless vs. Tapedeck: Tapedeck got this. He’s still a giant penis.

Q Da General vs. Amzilla: I foresee Q Da General doing a headlock on Amzilla mid match, and pulling his underpants up over his head.

Dallas Cash vs. Suspense: I have no idea.

Derico vs. P-Stacks: Derico is a beast that doesn’t even need to go about this battle shit with a written script. He has this. I’m biased though because he’s PBX and I haven’t been paying attention to P-Stacks.

Mr. Wilson vs. Greedy Grimes: Greedy UH HUUUUHHHHHHHHHhhhh;lajf;aldkjfeiamj

E. Farrell vs. My Block Bezi: I don’t know who these people are.

Kidrock Dollaz vs. Young Steady: Young Steady on a 2-1, but I really respect the fact that Kidrock didn’t charge more than 20 bucks a ticket on his last tour. Dude has heart.

And that’s it… anyone who wants to be angry at my predictions, don’t. When you act like a bitch you get treated like one. Work hard and prove me wrong. This event is going to be making a lot of your careers – it is what it is. You can either put in work and shine, or be stomped by the motherfucker who put in that work for his shine.

Happy hunting and may the odds forever be in your favor.

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iBattle Worldwide Presents: Tapedeck vs Ju Davil



Tapedeck, all three. Ju came with some bars but Tape straight bulldozed over him. The only criticism I have? Can we stick to dissing the person in front of you? That’s the point. We all understand Dia doesn’t have arms and legs and is tight with Tape.

From what I’ve seen, this is a well deserved Battle Of The Month here at CTHIPHOP.Net…

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The Takeover



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