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Royalty from Detroit to Connecticut



The scene takes place in July 2010; downtown Detroit on Woodward Ave. in front of Motown’s legendary venue, The Magic Stick. In his hometown, Detroit native, Joey Knuckles AKA Joe Hyde was kickin it outside the venue. It was at that time, he ran into producer King Cole who was on the Terror US tour with hardcore heavyweights Gravemaker. After a freestyle session outside, JK and King Cole decided to get in touch with each other when they got back to Calgary. Early October 2010, demos started coming to the table and things immediately began to click; Suicide Kings were born. Since then, Knuckles and King Cole have been grinding non-stop to bring you the illest, most aggressive hip-hop style Calgary has ever seen. Their debut album “Reign Supreme” dropped in Feb 2012, closely followed by a support slot for the Canadian Demigodz (Apathy & Celph Titled) tour. Since then the Kings have been hard at work. They give you a first taste of their January scheduled EP with a track featuring the Demigodz themselves, entitled “Shotcallaz”.

This is dope as fuck. Detroit of course, is known for the major talent that has impacted hip-hop over the years. So many dope artists come to mind… eLZhi, Royce, Shady, Danny Brown, Obie, Mr. Porter, Black Milk… it goes on and on. (Phat Kat needs a mention.) Suicide Kings are completely new to me, though. Best get familiar. 
The production is tight and where it needs to be, and the lyrics are on point and impressive. Ap murders this. Celph comes with it too. It isn’t a formulaic type of joint either, everyone pretty much seemed to free form what they were spitting, which makes it all the more pure. I’m wondering when the Suicide Kings are going to make it out to CT for a show. It’s only a matter of time. Check their website – their past shows are filled with heavy hitter music that does well.
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