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Anonymous/Zak G CD Release TONIGHT IN NEW HAVEN



I’m sure a few of you guys have heard of Anonymous…if not, you should. I’ve known this cat since he was 14, and he’s always been pretty good, but when he turned 18, he seriously hit a peak. The kid is dropping his first album tomorrow, courtesy of Madecipha’s Spider Bite Records, just in time for Christmas(looking to stuff stockings, anyone?).

This is a sample of what he can do, and the song is on the mixtape he did prior to this album:

The other cat on this release is Zak G, who also did the artwork for Anonymous’s album:

Anonymous album cover by Zak G

Zak G is a super unorthadox cat, from what I’ve heard so far. I don’t know a lot of his music, but I’ll let you decide how you feel about this one:

The rest of the bill is Madecipha, ILL, Mister, and Jonny Empire. I’ve got an article about Mister coming soon.

The show is at Crunch House in West Haven. It’s $5 entry, all ages, opens at 9 PM, and you can BYOB. A few posts down, I put a video showing how to get there.

Stay tuned! Check it out!

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Madecipha – CT’s Grim Reaper



Ryan Bond, aka Madecipha, has been an active part of the CT HipHop community since the early 2000s, crafting his rhymes in the dark shadows, patiently working on his craft and cultivating his career as the years have progressed. I remember first coming across a Myspace page, circa 2003 (ish) and hearing his early work, as part of the group Modifi Sci. Since then, ‘Cipha has struck out on his own, had ups and downs that would break most artists, and has come out by carving his own niche in the form of Spider Bite Records, one of the fastest growing independent labels in Connecticut.

“I know what people are going to say ,” he says to me, sounding energized for it being as late as it is, “people are going to say that I listen to Insane Clown Posse. That I do this, that I do that. But I’m creative – there’s so much ammunition for me and I put out a lot of awesome material. I know what I”m doing.”

His work is incredible, and doesn’t fit into the boxes that people try and put him in. Last October, Madecipha dropped Armageddon Ready, his 3rd solo record, featuring some of CT’s best talent – Duece Bug, Cymatics, Logic, and Joey A.X . The album is all fresh as fuck.

“Back with Modifi Sci, we had a distribution company, not really a label, and me and this dude, we stopped working together… so Spider Bite records came around because, back before, we had this logo of a moon that was dripping blood. So after we stopped doing the work, I didn’t want to use that logo anymore. At any given time I have anywhere upwards of 20 spiders, actually… right now I’ve only got seventeen tarantulas, actually. But I checked to see if the name was available, and it was, so I started to post about it… and people started to get on board. Some of the dopest rappers came to me. Ill for example… I pretty much got a bunch of the best rappers, who are more into the hardcore scene, and put them on the same team.”

His style got the attention of underground hiphop heavyweight Jus Allah, member of the famed underground group Jedi Mind Tricks.

“I’m constantly reviewing what I’ve done,” he states. “Going to graveyards, I listen to my iPod and shit, sure, but for the most part, I’m concentrating on what I’m doing. I’m building.” He states confidently, “I don’t give a FUCK, who the King of Connecticut is. I’m the Grim Reaper of Connecticut. The Grim Reaper never changes. I’ll always be here.”

After asking him what his dream collaboration would be, he responds, “The Insane Clown Posse. I’ve seen them perform about 65 or 75 times over the past 10 years. I’ve seen them in Detroit 10 times. I remember when Tech Nine was a talented nobody, and watched them all become super successful. Eventually it all lined up for them and they hit, and they got to where they needed to go. My favorite collab I’ve done is with Esham – he’s a really legendary Detroit artist. I grew listening to him.”

Spider Bite Records is becoming the indie label to watch in 2013. Check out this track featuring Apathy and 5 :AM below, as well as the links for Madecipha’s website.


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