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Roc Doogie – Roc Paper Scissors album review




I’m in a unique position in Connecticut. I’ve been working on my own music and performing for years now, and initially I wanted to work more as a journalist for rap music, in some way. It was the driving force behind me going to CCSU and getting this almost useless English degree, and while I really wanted to grow my own career, I kept coming across so many talented artists, that it became a mission of mine to create a platform for them to get some shine. I’ve been around long enough now where I don’t feel like I’m stepping on anyone’s toes, doing this. I make music also, I’m not some Pitchfork review person who doesn’t actually make music. I’m one of you. So hopefully, my words on this matter will hold some weight.

About 6 weeks ago, Sotorious of Political Animals emailed me about an artist that I’ve somehow never heard of. He goes by the name of Roc Doogie, and represents the AFA crew who are generally in the western part of Connecticut. I’ve been real timid about doing reviews and stuff. I don’t want to bash people. (Honestly, you should hear some of the hot dumpster juice that rolls into our gmail box in large droves.) Thankfully, what was sent to me, might be one of THE BEST examples of hip-hop that I’ve heard in years. That serious.

Roc Paper Scissors is a short, 10-track album which displays funky instrumentals, intricate verses, and a solid take-no-bullshit smack-a-sucker-emcee attitude. The fact that I missed Roc Doogie, who I can tell has been around for YEARS, for THIS long, makes me wonder what else is out there? I sat on this record for too long too. I gave it a quick initial spin, was impressed, and then had to meditate. I almost felt as though I would be too flattering to this work. It is solid though, and I promise that it deserves my praises, as it should yours.

Below is my track by track review of this album, which I promise I will be doing more of as time goes on.



Track by Track review


1. Cycle ft. Phenetiks

The album starts off with a tight example of turntablism, making this look like something that I’m going to really enjoy. Where most albums start with the solo artist, this work decides to tastefully start off with the feature. After Phenetiks, Roc Doogie comes in smooth. The chorus proves that this is going to be a great listen. “Smoke bones sleep smoke bones// that’s the cycle” hits smoothly, and stands out in the verse.


2. Quarter Moon Slaughter (prod. Dirt E. Dutch)

Starts off with a really simple but dope drum beat, hard hitting but smooth, with a funky bass line and a horn stab coming in shortly after. “This rap shit is wack as fuck// and getting on my nerves,” Roc spits, expertly weaving his words stylistically among the excellent production. I’m impressed. The track ends with him letting out after spitting one of the best damn verses I’ve ever heard. Smooth operator on this.


3. Yardie Funk ft. JK1 the Supernova

Another fuck inspired beat, which I’m taking is going to be the overall vibe for this album. Sounds like JK1 starts this off. He commands the mic just as well as Roc himself does, who then fuses himself back into the instrumental with a smooth delivery. “You bet your sweet ass// and a half a titty// you can even up the ante// with a kidney,” he jests, moving further into his juxtaposition that he is IN this rap shit. Bravado is something important and rap, and where other emcees generally over do that shit (myself included) Roc does so without being over-bearing. JK1 comes back in and flips some more dope rhymes. These two compliment each other nicely.


4. Perspective (Prod. Deto 22)

This could be a low-point in the album for me. As a follow up to the last, AMAZING joint, I don’t feel like it is anywhere nearly as dope. I wouldn’t say that this is filler… Roc flips some bars where every word he spits begins with the letter P. I almost feel like this is a bridge in the album. Maybe this will grow on me over time. A lot of music has done that to me over time.


  1. Micro Management (prod. Dirt E. Dutch)

And we’re back. I LOVE this funk. Another tight drum loop, funk guitar and with horn stabs. Expertly weaved verses hit in the right places. “If you on the mic when I arrive// step aside yo,” Roc drops, letting emcees know where he stands to him. I really like how loose his style feels. As an emcee myself, I’m feeling pretty intimidated.


  1. Duro (prod. Deto 22)

This is funk. Roc warms the mic up with some entertaining chatter, and then proceeds to flip between English and Spanish. His chorus does much of the same. I like it. That simple


7. Dear Whoever (prod. Dirt E. Dutch)

Roc gets introspective here, touching on where he came from, while speaking directly to the listener. The chorus is catchy as fuck, and comes out of someone who has been in this hiphop music for YEARS. SP1200s and MPCs mentioned. That’s the roots as far as far as authentic 90s era production. And the sample is dope works. I felt like it ended with me wanting more.


  1. Flute Salad (prod. Defnyshn)

Flute sample, bravado, and some dope lines here. “I approach microphones// like I’m crappin on the John// focused// relaxed and calm,” he drops. It made me laugh and the entire track hits right.


  1. Live Bait (prod. JK1 the Supernova)

Whoa! Double threat in action. JK1, who we heard back on track 3, takes the production. Roc seems to be an artist in pain on this track. Almost as though the art that he loves is being destroyed somehow. He drops a line he used earlier in the album, making this entire album… AN ALBUM. A lost art to a lot of emcees, who just put a bunch of tracks in whatever random order that don’t seem to have any relation to each other. I can relate to this. The beat flips, another verse goes down. Can’t avoid how dope a free flowing this entire work has been so far.


10. Post Script (prod. Intrikit)

The last track starts a bit soberly, and tight drums fall into their place with the sample flipping and rearranging. Roc know how to let his production breathe. Halfway through each verse, he adds a type of distortion to his verses that makes something unique as hell happen… wow. This beat sound SP1200 to me. Very well done. The album ends with the sample playing out into a fade. This might be one of the best albums I’ve heard all year.


It’s strange to me that the first real review I’ve done for this website will probably be the highest ever. For the good of hiphop, buy this album. Seriously. An itunes link is provided for you below.
Roc Paper Scissors – Roc Doogie
Treat yourself to good music.

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