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Hip-Hop PSA: Homophobia is Horseshit



I saw this video a while back, and have been meaning to make some comments on it. I know it might be a sensitive topic for some of you, and if you’re offended by what I’m about to say

tough shit.

I totally understand that hip-hop has a lot of roots in Abrahamic religions, and those come with a lot of baggage. I’ve seen a lot of people use those religions as a force for good. I’ve seen a lot of people use them as a force for evil. I’ve seen a lot of people use those religions to back up their own personal biases, and that’s exactly what messes me up about this.

Daylyt makes the disturbingly wrong assumption that being gay is a choice. For anyone who isn’t on the same page as me, right now, let’s go through a mental exercise that I call “getting into someone else’s shoes.” (You may have heard of this, going back as far as kindergarten, maybe even earlier, if your parents didn’t suck at teaching you about how to treat people.)

Take a look at the attractions you have towards other people, especially the sexual ones. Have you ever, once, stared at a person that you felt legitimately attracted to, and been able to wish that attraction away? Maybe you’ll find an instance of one or two, but how about you try to wish away every attraction you’ve had? Seems impossible, doesn’t it?

Now, imagine that homosexual attractions are socially taboo….

Wait…they are.

Imagine asking yourself to feel and act on something that could, in certain places, get you killed. Doesn’t seem like a good idea, does it? Who, in their right minds, would make a choice that they know plenty of other people frown upon?

This is what you’re accusing people of.

Now, let’s take the other part of the equation. We have Daylyt, here, whom I’m sure owns clothes made of mixed fibers, has eaten from a modern cow, shaves in a particular way, and might have, at one point, planted a garden(unless he thinks that’s too gay or something), with a number of different kinds of vegetables in it…

These are all things forbidden by the Bible. We don’t care about these things anymore, because we’ve grown as a species. We’re not complete shitbags anymore, unlike people in the B.C. era. We don’t force our women to marry their rapists(commanded in the Bible..look it up), we don’t stone people to death for working on Saturday/Sunday(pick your Sabbath day), and we generally exist in places that advise us to treat people as equals, provided they haven’t committed some terrible crime against us.

I could go on and on, and pull apart a million more points from this, but it would be kind of a waste of my time. My real point is that, if you’re a rapper, don’t feel too self-important, get in front of a webcam, and spew a bunch of hate speech. It’s a waste of time, and it makes you look fucking ignorant.


-Doc Jones

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