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An Interview With Old Self



Editor’s Note: I really slacked off on getting this out when I should have. I sort of just noticed that I had the responses in my inbox from a while back. Old Self is honestly one of my favorite MC’s in the area, so I feel kind of dumb for not having dedicated more effort to this. Without further nonsense from me, I present to you an interview with the man himself:

DJ: Tell everyone who you are and where you’re from….

OS: Rap name Old Self, aka The Master Of Miscellaneous, aka Rap Game Robert Pollard, I’m from Milford, Connecticut, where everyone’s on cigarettes.

DJ: What’s going on with any groups you’re in? I remember hearing a lot of noise about the Crunch House group, but haven’t heard anything lately. Where you guys at?

OS: Yeah, so Crunch House (the rap group) played a couple shows and wrote like 50 songs, maybe 3 of them actually featured me, most of em are just sitting on a busted ass computer. The rap group Crunch House was born out of the studio named Crunch House in West Haven, CT. Crunch House still exists as a studio/rehearsal space/ venue, but things have sort of fell apart with the group, we’re onto some new shit now though, I’m not sure if I’m allowed to let that cat out of the bag yet.

DJ: Are you recording anything right now?

OS: I just wrapped up recording my new mixtape Motif Boutique right now you can stream or download it for free on my bandcamp page, the download includes four bonus tracks. I got some dope features on it, some Crunch House heads like Nyce, Jules Baxter, Hairy Diamond, Eli Hazel singing on some shit, you can even hear S Dot in the background of one of the skits, and then there’s even more features on the bonus tracks. Just Go With It! Records is releasing my mixtape on cassette that should be available in a few weeks…. I’m going to start working on a couple new projects come September. I have some really awesome people flowing me beats that I need to speak over, and it’s time to pick things up again with Young Uncles, that’s a punk band I’m in, you should hear something from us sooner or later.

DJ: Are there any videos you’d like to promo?

OS: no music videos but here’s a bonus track from Motif Boutique

DJ: Now for a weird question…what’s your favorite beer? Any particular styles you’re into?

OS: Is this like the shout out part of the interview, but I shout out beers instead of rappers you never heard of? Peace to Green Flash Palate Wrecker, Lagunitas Daytime, 668 by New England Brewing Co, and I don’t see nothing wrong with a little Miller High Life.

DJ: Do you ever plan a return to battling?

OS: Not in the foreseeable future. It’s just not what I’m trying to do, I don’t see it doing anything for me creatively. It’s a bummer that battle event we did in Dohzzi’s garage never made it to the internet that was a good time and I’m happy we did that. As much as I don’t care about battling I still follow you and Dego.

DJ: Which artists in CT are you really feeling right now? Battlers, live shows, new discs, whatever… even non-hip-hop stuff..

OS: Non hip hop, I’m really digging the new Ovlov record. Erik Lamb has a dope album that just came out called “Guns Talk Money Whispers”. Political Animals always put on a dope live show, and I’ve been lucky enough to hear some of their new demo tracks, I’m really looking forward to their new album.

DJ: What influences you to write new content?

OS: New music. When I hear something that’s new or at least new to me, and it sticks with me right away or something I’ve heard before sticks with me for the first time it inspires me. I also end up writing a lot while I’m driving which can be dangerous, watch out for me on the road (Mentioned here). If I’m feeling uninspired, or I’m in a rut with my writing I listen to mainstream rap, or what some people might consider mainstream, I put on like A$AP Rocky Pandora or something cuz I don’t really rap like that, so it opens my brain up to different ways of thinking. My friends, my girlfriend, everyone in my life influences me, the short answer I usually give when someone asks me who my influences are I say The Beastie Boys, De La Soul, and Sean Price.

DJ: Any last words?

OS: Nah.

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Year Of the Go Hard



This. Beat. Hits. Hard.

Old Self is making another appearance on this site, with his new single, “Year Of The Go Hard.” The song is short, but sweet. Being someone with musical A.D.D., I love stuff like this. One verse, one hook, “go hard,” done.

It’s available for download, with a b-side, if you click here.

If anyone hasn’t seen him on facebook, he can be found there for booking, collabs, and all other requests.

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Getting Under The Influence



I’m digging this! Smooth track recorded out in West Haven. I don’t know any of these cats, aside from Old Self, personally, but I think it goes without saying that this is representative of the vibe of the New Haven area during the Summer. True chill music. Spark one, if you got to!


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