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I get a lot of emails from people from the submit box. I dont’ respond to a lot because a lot of people don’t do it right. I wanted to give an example of how people should be using the submit box and this person did so flawlessly.

Subject: Submission: Lorenzo Nil – Nothingness (ALBUM) 17 year old artist from Connecticut

Message: My name is Lorenzo Nil. I am 17 years old and I’m from Waterbury, CT. I recently released my 1st tape entitled “Nothingness” and I’m looking for feedback. I need help finding my audience with this album. Nothingness is about me finding my happiness in life. I talk about who I am as a person, the things I like, and what I go through in life. There’s 20 tracks on this tape and there’s a few features including some more talented musicians in my city. Those people are “VeeSkeeno, DJ The Superior, Youth, & Yung Scumbag”. Also my kind of rap music would be considered alternative. I also self produced every track and made the cover artwork.

I originally put the album on sound cloud so people could stream it and download it from there but there is a media fire link to.

Soundcloud link:

Mediafire link:

Also I have a song on this tape titled “Takeover” that I made a visual for .

Takeover visual here:

I didn’t have to chase dude for info. He let me know who he was, what he was trying to do, and what his goal was. He let me know what he sounded like without me having to sit through any of his music. So I took the time, and listened based off of that. He’s a new artist and I see potential in him so I’m granting him a post. Check the music below.

And to recap… take homie as an example as to how to submit to a blog.

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