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Klokwize – ‘Breaking The Bad’ OFFICIAL TRAILER



Official Trailer – KLOKWIZE – ‘Breaking The Bad’
Music Video premiering on VEVO Dec. 2014
Directed by Edwin Escobar Films

Get ‘The Art of Falling Apart’ by Klokwize now!

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Going Counter Klokwize



KLOKWIZE is an American songwriter and namesake band most recognized for the use of his hit singles on national television (ESPN’s ‘First Take’, The X-Games) and in feature films (‘Rising Star’) as well as his infamous morning show jingle for The Rock 106.9 WCCC (‘Anything Can Happen’) and roof-raising sets next to major names such as Fat Joe, Obie Trice, Doug E Fresh, The Sugarhill Gang, Living Colour, Hed (pe), Rehab, Tyga, 2 Pistols, Cormega and more.

Blending melodic, organic pop sensibility with rock and hip hop flair, the rapper/singer (born Patrick James) and his namesake live band (including wizkid guitarist Mike Alves, bassist Justin Plante and vocalist Angela Luna) have seen their one-of-a-kind stage show receive wide acclaim across the US, including dates on the 2013 Vans Warped Tour, Foxwoods Casino, Toad’s Place, and New York City’s legendary club circuit including The Bitter End, Delancey, Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Fontana’s and The Full Cup.

I bumped into Klokwize while waiting for my set at the 2014 Trinity International Hip Hop Festival. This was actually my first time getting a chance to talk to him. And even though we run the same circle, we never came in contact with each other. But I’ve always made it a point to keep an eye out for the CT talent, just to stay in tuned to the scene. Which is one of the reasons why I wanted to chat it up with him. I’ve always heard good things about him and he puts out good music. We had to cut our talk short due to the dedicated hustle he has when it comes to making sure everyone knows who he is. So I got his math and allowed him to get his grind on. We connected through Facebook in order to get a quick interview out of the way and give a good listen to his newest project. I hope you enjoy.

Jack Nickelz: As you get ready to release this new project, what are some of the differences that you notice about you when you first got started to now?

Klokwize: I think the big difference is really growing as a songwriter. The raps are easy, but writing a full well-crafted song, hooks, bridge, arranging the music, is a definite craft that people spend their whole careers getting better and better at. I think conceptually, creatively, this is the best set of songs I’ve’ve ever written. The live band element makes them stand out as well over my older traditional hip-hop work.

Jack Nickelz: Alot of artist have different ways of crafting their work. How did you go about building this project? What it something you decided to do spur of the moment or did you have it mapped out?

Klokwize: In general I work with the choruses first, once its big, catchy and explains the theme of the song, I can get into specific storytelling and details in the verses. I just kinda see music in structure in my head, I am able to map it all out before I start writing.

With this project we were more planned out than I usually am, because I sat with my live band that plays all the music and we wrote the songs together top-to-bottom. It felt more like an old-school Motown process of playing them all together and nailing takes instead of just adding one layer at a time and going back to write. I am totally blown away with the results, there’s not many missed opportunities in these arrangements, and they are cohesive as an album.

This album was very deliberate. I wanted to follow up the success of my last album with something new and edgy instead of trying to recreate the vibe of the last one. I had a lot of new things to say.

Jack Nickelz: Were there any artist you listen to get fired up to do this project?

Klokwize: Really for this album I went back the great American songwriters I grew up on. Tupac Shakur. Fiona Apple. John Mayer. Ben Harper. Nas. Some new stuff I love like Frank Ocean, Jason Isbell, Miguel, stuff that had substance but is still groovy and sexyThis album had to be at that level and in that spirit for me. A masterwork, a timeless album.

Jack Nickelz: Now a days when the focus on presentation is just as important as production, how important was it for you to get the right visuals for the project?


Klokwize: I’m so glad you asked that! Well put. That has personally been my biggest focus outside of finishing the music, was making sure there was a consistent, thematic, awesome visual rollout. You want all the photos/flyers/visuals to LOOK like what the album SOUNDS like. You wanna let the listener know what they’re walking into. I have always been very into high fashion photography and film noir so there has been a deliberate and precise unrolling of photos and videos that fit that theme and elevate the experience of the album. I’m very proud of having creative control over that b/c I’m indie. I worked exclusively with photographer Stephen Hirschthal on all the photos you see related to this album, the press flicks, the jacket, everything. The front cover is a beautiful graphic cartoon by Peace of Mind Creative that really brought everything home and supplemented the real images well. I have been partnering with Burning Sun Films to do a multi-video rollout that all reflect that same idea. I am equally as proud of the visual work we’ve done as I am the music.

Jack Nickelz: Do you feel that is where artists make their mistake…not realizing the investment that putting out your best work is?

Klokwize: People think making music is the endgame, but that’s the beginning. That’s the bare minimum. (laughs) If you’re gonna ask for my attention as a listener in this crowded market one should HOPE your music is good. But you have to do that music justice. Everything else around it- photos, press, shows, videos, interviews, etc — is in the effort to do that music the justice that it deserves and explain to people with short attention spans why they should click ‘play.’ Cuz this music game is crowded. They’re not just clicking ‘play’ for no reason

It’s a reality you get better at using to your advantage.

Jack Nickelz: Well said. Now can we expect to see you working with anyone new or some familiar faces with this project?

Klokwize: This project was meant to show that an artist can create an album without a lot of ‘magic behind the curtain’ or ‘suits’ in the room. I only worked with the people that made it clear through their actions and loyalty that they wanted a spot at this table. The features are great but def in-house familiar faces – Angela Luna, who’s the female vocalist in my live band, Ariana, a pop singer I’ve produced for in the past, Scott Irribarra, an amazing singer who’s been rocking shows with us for years, and Rookie, the lead singer of Mandrake Mechanism, who were a really cool genre-busting CT band before they disbanded. These are folks that I rather have this time around than kissing ass for some C-List celebs or ‘frienemies’. It had to be tight-knit and genuine this time around to work. They say ‘go where you’re celebrated, not where you’re tolerated’ and that was the spirit of the features.

Jack Nickelz: Nice. Now last but not least…When people have finish taking in the while project, what do you hope that they will take from it?

Klokwize: I hope it makes them feel more understood and part of something bigger. We have all fallen apart at some point in our lives. It’s scary but liberating. This is such an easy concept to relate to – in falling apart, you are not alone.

Jack Nickelz: Man, thank you for taking time out to do this.

Klokwize: No prob, preciate u havin me homie!


The Art of Falling Apart Review



1. Build & Destroy – This song goes a long way in setting the tone for the project. Off of this tune, you know this isn’t going to be your normal Hip-Hop album. Automatically you would be quick to think of The Roots when describing what you think this is going to be, but you are going to be wrong in saying that. Just like with other live band performing emcee, Joey Batts, Klok’s direction with this project is more rock and alternative sounding then The Roots’ more Hip-hop grounded sound.

2. We’ll Be Alright – This song gave of the feeling one of those old country anthems. You know the one that talks about all your issues and tells you no matter what they are gonna be cool. The vibe from the song song makes you think that this is one of the ones that should get the video treatment.

3. Soul Free (feat. Angela Luna) – Maybe it was the guitars, but the song gave off a California style vibe to it. Like beaches and palm tree. Drinking beers around the bonfire, exchanging views. I think this song is perfect fit for those deep thought moments as you vibe out.

4. I Prefer You (feat. Scott Irribarra) – This song had a great reggae/rock vibe to it. Scott’s vocals on the hook was a great move and a good fit. Klok’s easy feel delivery on the verse smashed it out the park. And the horns on the track…man, as a Pete Rock fan, whenever I hear horns, I feel good. So thumbs up for that.

5. The Art of Falling Apart – Let me first say…it’s been awhile since I’ve seen an album project where the title got an actual title track. So kudos there. Klok’s rasp fits this track nicely as he spews knowledge. That might get lost over the jamming instrumental. But that is not a big problem, because out replay, the closer you listen it becomes like hearing a new song as you take in the lyrics on the second and third play through.

6. All My Love (feat. Ariana) – I think artist now a days have gotten away from doing legit love songs. Either because you want to protect your image or that’s not whats popping in the club unless you are an R&B artist. To me, this was a perfect place to put this song. Not too late in the project, but not too early. Right in the middle of the listening pleasure, where people already have a sense of your style and now want to see your versatility.

7. I Wrote the Book (feat. Rookie) – You remember what I said about versatility…you can apply that to this song. This rides that dual edge of having a harder feel to it, but perfectly weaves a very smooth sounding hook to balance things out. Not to mention, Rookie provides a good counter to Klok’s style of rhyming.

8. Breaking the Bad (feat. Angela Luna) – A nice Reggae/rock rebel theme right here. When I here this, I think smokey bar, drinking red stripe as Angela once again blesses us with some sweet vocals as Klok’s rasp weaves through verse like a car through traffic.

9. Why Do That? – OK, to be honest…the first thing that popped in my mind as I heard this song was one of those behind the scene music videos. Where you see life on the road and at shows and studios. A few shots of fans and things like that. I personally would be shocked if this didn’t get the video treatment.

10. I Want You – Ok, if you really want to get the feel for this song, you gotta go and watch the video. Because the visuals to this song gives it a deeper meaning when you add them to the music. Well…what the Hell you waiting for…go watch the video!!!

11. Cookies & Cigarettes (feat. Angela Luna) – This song has a great alternative feel especially when Angela appears on the hook. This song convinces me that a Angela/Klok project should be in the works somewhere down the line. The two just compliment each other so well.

12. The Music – Second to last song and the tempo was perfect. Klok dueling with the instrumental had a nice feel to it. The guitar riff that build alongside of the verse was brilliant. This sounds like it was made for a live set performance piece. One of those work the stage type songs.

13. When I See Ya – The last song on the project and it made me feel like last call at the bar. A nice close out that provides the perfect ending for the roller coaster that Klok take you on. And the fact that the song is called “When I See” it is pretty much what they say when the bar closes up. I don’t know if this was done on purpose but it seemed to fit the ride you where taken on with the project.


As I sit here and try to gather my final thoughts on this project, this comes to mind. Klok has stepped into a genre that really hasn’t picked up yet. With your Joey Batts & Them and The Roots, the live band Hop-Hop thing is still somewhat fresh and new(Remember MTV Unplugged: LL Cool J or Jay Z). Klok is able to leave his impression without sounding like any of the other groups in the genre which is a very good thing. In fact, the project doesn’t sound forced. It just sounds like a guy in his element doing what he does best. My problem is i wish this was one of those live unplugged albums. Just so I could get more of that uncut and raw feeling from the project as a whole. But outside of that this is a great project for anyone looking to try something new and refreshing in their music box.

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Birdcall And Klokwize Brought It Back



A lot of videos nowadays have the effects, the flash, and the production value, but that stuff is not what got me into hip-hop. I like seeing someone who doesn’t look bored when they’re rhyming. Birdcall and Klokwize have delivered on that front with this, without a doubt. This is a dope tune, with a very classic hip-hop feel. That’s all you need to know.


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“Round & Round” Making Its Way Around!



Klokwize’s single featuring Brendan D’Amico off the new album was just aired on Radio 104.1 WMRQ! That’s his second single off of “Hood Hippie: The Album” to gain air time. Great job and congratulations from all of us at CT Hip Hop!

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Fullblast in Bridgeport



Tonight, June 29th! Join Klokwize, Metamusick, Sikai, White Cheddar, Johnny U and Duece Bug with Johnny Tripps on guitar to Fullblast Acoustic Cafe! Doors open at 8 P.M., and ladies are free until 10!! $7 cover otherwise. 2926 Fairfield Ave, 21+, IDs at the door.

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KLOKWIZE – Round And Round




Klokwize is still on his grind! The first single off of his new release, “Hood Hippie: The Album,” features the soulful voice of Brendan D’Amico. Klok and Brendan channel smooth tones to describe the “Round and Round” tug-of-war of a broken relationship. The album is out now, and available on iTunes.  Dig it!

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