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Wednesday Atoms Feat. Art Ls “Get Together,” prod. Kenny Cash



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Fred The Godson, Collin E, Lighta, “My Swag Crazy” prod. by Kenny Cash



Although normally I dislike all usage of the word SWAG, this song… THIS SONG… is dope as fuck. I’m glad I heard this. RIP to Lighta. Fred the Godson is a fuckin’ beast. Collin E came with it too. KENNY CASH BEASTED THE BEAT!!!

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FullBlast Mixtape Vol.4



I’m proud to announce the first of what will mark a new tradition for CTHIPHOP.NET… to help celebrate that we’ve hit 300 posts.  Duece Bug and the FullBlast Collective have given us license to spread their most recent tape for the digital era. This is an AMAZING PROJECT (and yea, I have a track featured on this, so I’m biased… fuck it tho.) There is absolutely NO filler on this whatsoever. The most beautiful thing about this record? After selling decently to the fans, hand to hand, it’s free.

We’re going to be bringing you more music as it occurs. Please click the cover to download the tape directly to your computer/ipod/whatever plays music. I took the time to apply the cover to the files and tag all of the tracks so that they display right on that digital media device… you heard?


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What’s New(s)?! + FULL BLAST MIXTAPE VOL.4



I am glad as hell to be back here! After a few weeks of preparing for a battle, getting through half the school year, and having the flu, I’ve managed to land myself in front of the laptop, full of new ideas for the site. Those are secret, but what I will tell you is that this is going to get serious.

First thing’s first, though…Full Blast just dropped a new mixtape, and it is bonkers.

Credit to our own Krys and Tainted Designs for the cover/flier above…y’all know we love a fresh looking girl in a respirator, especially when she’s representing dope CT music.

As far as the CD itself, when I opened it up, I was pleasantly surprised by the hand-written title on the disc itself. On the inside cover, a list of 20 songs, most of which I’d never heard before. The usual names were on it(Unikron, Soho, White Cheddar, Chuck Nickels, and, of course, Duece Bug), but those weren’t what stuck out to me. Another one of our own, Brash, graced this disc with his presence, along with Lighta(R.I.P.), Samwall Grimes, James Joyce, Rising Sun Quest, and a few other guests.

A few tracks really stuck out to me, the first of which being a beat jack of “Beware” from Jay-Z and Punjabi MC, featuring 5:AM and Duece Bug. I wasn’t sure I’d ever hear someone jack this beat and do it well, and I gotta say, I was pretty happy it was these two guys doing it. The song itself is titled, “And Ya Don’t Stop,” and is one of the more energetic tracks on the disc. It’s definitely classic Five, with his typically crass lyrics and quick rhythms, which are accented very well by Duece’s clever word-play and laid back cadence.

The one I found most notable was “2012,” from Soho(Track 9). I was almost stunned by the wordplay on this. I’ve been really just getting familiar with Soho recently, and the more I do, the more impressed I am with what he’s doing. He uses extremely intricate polysyllabic rhyme schemes, and has excellent cadence on all the tracks I’ve heard, but this one is easily the best I’ve found. I really can’t say enough about this one, except that you need to hear it.

That’s a little sample of what you’ll hear on this..hit up Duece Bug for a copy.

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Full Blast Mixtape: Fuck Matchez — FREE DOWNLOAD



Hey people,

I’m pleased to have been involved on this project. It was a pretty dope mixtape drop to have, considering I now share a discography with great artists like PA’s, dUece, White Chedder, BC Connect… the list goes on. Actually, the list goes on below, since I’ve included a track list and a FREE DOWNLOAD LINK directly from the Aeon Audio/ CT Hip-Hop server. FULL BLAST!

Also, I never met him, but RIP LIGHTA.

Official track list:

  1. All It Takes (prod. by Kenny Cash) – Lighta
  2. White Room – BC Connect, White Cheddar, & Duece Bug
  3. Full Blast Mathmatics – Duece Bug, BC Connect, & White Cheddar
  4. Ace_Duece – Duece Bug
  5. Underground Kingz – Metamusick & Chuck Nickels
  6. Cash Killaz (prod. by Kenny Cash) Duece Bug, Cory Gunz, & Lighta
  7. Mass Revolution – 5AM
  8. Shut Up Cheddar – White Cheddar
  9. Amerikka – BC Connect
  10. Runnin Limp – Metamusick & Duece Bug
  11. Read Between The Lines – Political Animals
  12. Celestial Warrior (Prod. by Nizbeagle) – Johnny Wae
  13. Space Blast – Duece Bug, Chuck Nickels, & John Moreno
  14. Goin Off – Lighta
  15. I Been Stackin’ – Chuck Nickels, Cash Flow, & Stylz
  16. Connect The Cut – Metamusick, Muzzy, BC Connect, Duece Bug, and Sketch Tha Cataclysm
  17. Head Above Water – Pruven & Before Charles
  18. Keep it Together – Brash (prod. by Blacastan)
  19. Terrible Things – Madecipha, Anthro, & Jus Allah
  20. Brokedown – Cy Matics & Duece Bug (prod. Buck 80)
  21. The 3 Doctrine – Pruven & Duece Bug
  22. Misunderstood (snippet) – Lighta
  23. Slow Down – BC Connect, Chuck Nickels, & Duece Bug

Download the Mixtape HERE

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