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Who is Joey Ax? – He is dope…



I’m always amazed when I come across someone new that I see as a potential to be a heavy hitter. I literally was just poking around on the internet, in between filling out applications to find a new day gig to get that mortgage money up, and this came across my radar.

He’s a CT cat for real… I haven’t come across “straight edge” kids except for in CT… I’m sure there’s gonna be someone that mentions that it’s wherever else … whatever. Homie is CT. I’m literally blown away by this cat now. I’m hoping to land an interview… and he’s worked with rising CT name Jitta on the Track also,  definitely a good look.


And in a world of over hyped, bullshit emcees, this dude is something that should blow all the garbo out of the water. Check the video below too, this is what an actual poet should sound like.


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