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ILL – “The Mist” Video is KILLER!



Goddamn did this video come out crazy.

ILL disappeared for a while, but came back stronger than ever. He looks like he’s ready to tear someone’s throat out the entire video, and really makes a case for being one of the most energetic performers I’ve ever seen. He’s gotten older, but never old, and certainly sharper over time. Full Aim also produced a ridiculous banger here. It’s a hard and heavy beat, but doesn’t come up short in terms of supplying an atmosphere that brings to mind a lot of late 80’s horror film soundtracks.

Of course, we can’t forget that Shane McLellan killed the game with his ability to edit together great footage, and really match the work of any artist he touches. Gotta love the fun cameo by fellow New-Havenite Mister, too.

All-in-all, A+. Good job, fellas.

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Spider Bite Records Show at Anna Liffey’s 11/21/14



Spider Bite Records Show at Anna Liffey’s 11/21/14

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Anonymous/Zak G CD Release TONIGHT IN NEW HAVEN



I’m sure a few of you guys have heard of Anonymous…if not, you should. I’ve known this cat since he was 14, and he’s always been pretty good, but when he turned 18, he seriously hit a peak. The kid is dropping his first album tomorrow, courtesy of Madecipha’s Spider Bite Records, just in time for Christmas(looking to stuff stockings, anyone?).

This is a sample of what he can do, and the song is on the mixtape he did prior to this album:

The other cat on this release is Zak G, who also did the artwork for Anonymous’s album:

Anonymous album cover by Zak G

Zak G is a super unorthadox cat, from what I’ve heard so far. I don’t know a lot of his music, but I’ll let you decide how you feel about this one:

The rest of the bill is Madecipha, ILL, Mister, and Jonny Empire. I’ve got an article about Mister coming soon.

The show is at Crunch House in West Haven. It’s $5 entry, all ages, opens at 9 PM, and you can BYOB. A few posts down, I put a video showing how to get there.

Stay tuned! Check it out!

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ILL vs. Ivan Da Great



My first post in a while. I wanted to hype up the battle a little bit for these guys.

June 29th, Addiction Nightclub, iBattle Worldwide…

Ivan Da Great vs. ILL

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Madecipha’s Easter Sunday Slaughter!



This is a regular fixture for New Haven, and never a letdown. Anyone who’s interested should get on this! Righteousness Gone album comes out with it, too, and I’ll have a review for you guys tomorrow PM!

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Highlight: Sick Burn & MOB



That nose joke was a sick burn. Just saying.

Also, iBattle Music Over Battles showcase on Thursday, at Elm Bar in New Haven. 9 PM, don’t be late!

Greedy Grimes
Cityy Towers
Doc Jones
The Coalition
…and more!

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ILL Fires Back At Screem And Iron Solomon!



P.S. That sandwich was delicious.

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Benny Ghost – Dirty ft. White Cheddar, 5:am, James Joyce & ILL



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Nickel-P/Logic/godAWFUL/ILL/Sosa – Oct 23rd



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A Little Something For Everyone



Two new songs..I was gonna just post the second, but then this happened:

If anyone forgot how dope any of these cats were, this is the time to remember. For real, I’ve heard Madecipha’s new album and it’s off the chain. You guys are gonna hear a lot of great collaborations come out of a lot of great CT artists.

The original point, however, was this:

This dude put together a very seriously soulful joint here, and it really speaks for itself on the rest. He posted the lyrics, which I think is a good move. That’s not to say that I had a problem understanding them, either, but it was nice to follow along and really take in what he was saying. This is a very real, personal story, but, at the same time, I think a lot of people will be able to relate to it.

Check it. Don’t sleep on any of these cats.


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Interview with ILL and The Saurus!!!!!!!



Holy crap! The Takeover was nuts! More related posts soon, but for now, here’s an interview with The Saurus and ILL from after the battles!!!!!!!


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The Takeover



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Interview with CT’s ILL – Emcee and Battle rapper



ILL is a very talented emcee out of Connecticut. He’s been sort of a staple to the rap community; To local emcees, you either have love for him, or want to battle him, but either way you see his mark on CT Hip-Hop. He has an aggressive style that’s hard to ignore. I first spoke to ILL right before moving to Brooklyn NYC in 2007, and he told me where to go, as well as who I should talk to. He’s a bright light to Connecticut’s music scene, and I thought it’d be dope to let him shine here. Check out this quick QA we did.


Check out ILL’s facebook page here


Chris Rapple: You’ve battled a lot of emcees now… out of all of the battles you’ve had, which one was your favorite?

ILL: I’ve been asked that question a lot..I’ve had so many Battles it’s very hard to Choose ONE favorite, especially when a lot of them could be my favorites for different reasons. Most of my top favorites footage wILL probably never see the light of day, like me vs Diabolic, Iron Solomon, C Rayz Walz. I stILL wonder if it’ll ever hit YouTube. If I had to choose a favorite that’s actually online for viewers, I would have to say my battle against Sgram. It’s just so hilarious from both ends. A lot of people have told me how entertaining it is. I stILL have VHS footage of my battles on MTV and BET and I’m hoping to convert them soon so they are viewable to everyone.


CR: What is your dream collaboration, living or dead?

I’ve always answered this question with Canibus, but due to his blatant disrespect to hip hop, that has changed. Working with the Wu Tang clan would be nice.


CR: Who is your favorite local emcee?

I can’t say that I have a favorite because I fuck with a lot of local artists for sure. If i had to name a few definitely check out Rising Sun Quest, 5:am, Raiza Rapz,White Cheddar & Donnie Menace… so many more. CT is Full of Talent.


CR. You had a joint called racist that I first heard from you back in 2005ish… what inspired that song?

There was probably a lot of racist activity at the time… when you listen to that song closely you wILL notice that I describe not only racism but, stereo types and beliefs. Even with the way people decide how they are gonna dress or look. That song has done a lot for me as far as being noticed. Shout out to INF for making the beat!

CR. Being around as long as you have, you’ve seen a lot of changes. How is local hiphop different from how it was 10 years ago?

It has changed a lot as far as how many people actually come out to shows. People stILL come to support, but it’s nothing like back when, on even a weekday, a local hip hop show was packed. These days,even though the turn outs are good at most shows, more people tend to come out to see my battles. It’s just the hot thing right now. Even the battle scene is different. I remember walking into clubs battling 15-20 MC’s in one night without any idea of who my opponent would be. Now you have months to prepare for an opponent. It was all freestyle back in the days, and now it is more written. Either way, I’m in it.

CR. What do you have coming up creatively?

I actually have tons of things going on right now creatively. I had to take it easy for awhile, due to a ruptured eardrum, but I just had my final surgery and am in the recovery process. But that hasn’t stopped me from working. I’m just coming off a kILLer performance at Toads Place in New Haven, CT my first performance back since the surgery. Thanks to everyone that came out! I’m currently waiting on the release of my newest installment “Mental ILLness,” a full length album produced entirely by Full Aim Productions from Sweden. I’m also planning to be in Sweden by April where I wILL be smashing venues & recording more. I’m also writing for another free mixtape ,and am in the process of recording numerous collaborations for soon to be released projects, such as Sgram, 5:am, Benny Ghost, Raiza Rapz, Madecipha,Guy Grams, Brash, Logic, Donnie Menace to name a few. I’m also working with a few clothing companies as far as sponsorship goes ( & and I have a huge battle coming up on September 15th against Ty Law. You can see it live, Pay Per View on Eventbrite… check out iBattleWorldWide’s Facebook and subscribe ibattleTV on YouTube. I’ve also got a really big show coming up on December 15th at Diamond Lil’s… come by my page for my info on that.


CR: Where do you want to be in 5 years? Yea I know sorry for the white collar question.

As long as I am alive and happy, I can be anywhere. I know all the hard work wILL pay off, and I won’t stop until it does. I see more of it paying off little by little everyday. I feel blessed.


CR Shouts outs and shows?

Full Aim Productions,, Infinate X Posure, iBattle Worldwide,GMI Clothing
Company, J Dizzo, NiteBreed,Full Blast, Penalty Box, Concrete Hustle, Self Made, Brash & everyone else who knows me. I got your back! Haters can east shit and die! Thanks again for the interview props to your entire staff keep up the great work!


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I’m Going To Hell Because Of iBattle



iBattle did something really bad. They put Dia in a 2v2, with Tapedeck as his partner, against White Cheddar and James Joyce.

Logic, man, I’m just saying, this kinda shit should be illegal. I’m not sure Dia’s even won any battles at this point, so you put him against Cheddar and Joyce, WITH TAPEDECK AS HIS PARTNER. I just used caps for emphasis, and then bold on this to emphasize my emphasis! That’s like throwing babies to wolves, son!

Speaking of brutal victories, I’ve got another video for this post. iBattle seems to think that watching MC’s get stomped flat is fun. I happen to agree.

I said it to Brash earlier today, and I’ll say it again. Volunteering to battle Ill is like volunteering to be fucked to death by a gorilla. Brave and stupid. No doubt, Locksley came hard, but you can’t come hard enough to beat Ill. That’s all I have to say about that.

Up next from iBattle:

Holy Crap, More Brutality?


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Infinite X-Posure & iBattle Event!



Go get some fresh gear!


Today: iBattle Worldwide’s event, DOUBLE STANDARD!

iBattle Doulbe Standard

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