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Peace Of Mind’s Feature Artist: Hard Headed




Peace,! This is the first of many “Peace Of Mind’s Feature Artist,” a segment on the site where yours truly will be  giving you one-on-one interviews with up and coming artist in CT. I couldn’t think of a better way to start these series off than to get an interview with New Haven’s very own Hard Headed, from the Yung-N-Hungry crew, who was nominated for 4 Holla Back Video Awards, which include; Most Popular Hip Hop Artist, Best Collaboration Song for “Love Like A Drug” W/ Cam Cash, Download Of The Year for “Who The Fuck Is This” and Club Banger Of The Year for “Cash, Cars, Clothes.” When I asked the nominee how he felt when his manager, Hugo Negron, told him that he was nominated he said simply, “I was beyond excited!” Even though he was thrilled for the accolades, they were more or less expected. He was confident that the hard work and dedication that he put in would see some sort of success early, which contributes partly to his name, Hard Headed.

Growing up in New Haven, life for Hard Headed was anything but easy. Living life in a single mother’s home, with 4 kids, witnessing family members going to jail, and a brother who grew up visually impaired; he took to the streets to help make ends meet for his family. The only people he had to look up to for influence in life were the dope boys; the ones with all the cash, nice cars, nice clothes. He strived to have that life by any means necessary. The street life got a little too realistic when, in 2008, the aspiring MC was shot.  Hard Headed had been rapping since he was 9, and recording since he was 14, but didn’t really take it as a serious business until 2010. He then decided to make a positive change, and use to the life he knew in his lyrics and sell his music to the world, starting with CT. With his self-described style being “a mix between Jadakiss, Styles P., Jay-Z and Meek Mills,” he definitely has a formula for great Hip-Hop music.

There are many aspects of this Yung-N-Hungry member that set him apart from your average artist. His versatility is stellar, making him able to take on different styles to relate to many different fans. The one thing that really stood out to me was his professionalism, which he attributes to his middle school, Amistad Academy. That isn’t something you see with every artist, at least not so early in their career, but this New Haven bred artist is punctual, extremely goal oriented, and strategic. He even has a marketing plan: to digitally distribute his music, to hit each and every social media site, and to tour past the CT borders to the tri-state area. However, the most powerful weapons he has, are his hunger and motivation. He is driven to make sure his kids have a better life than he had, and is hungry enough to not stop until he is fed. He plans on eating well, right alongside his Yung-N-Hungry team, which includes Wild West, an artist who says his style is a healthy mix of “old school flair with new school swag. I have something for all the crowds”. There’s also T-Rivz, a gritty MC who exudes confidence in his voice, can “spit on any beat, gimme a beat and I’ll kill it.” Lastly, there’s C-Rivz, T-Rivz’ twin brother who just came home, is just as determined and unwavering for success as the rest of the crew of MC’s.

With numerous projects in the works, Hard Headed and Yung-N-Hungry are ready to deliver their story to the masses. Look out for Hard Headed’s mixtape, The Hungriest, coming soon. Be sure to vote for each of his four nominations for the 7th Annual Holla Back Awards on Also, stay tuned to throughout the week, as I feature songs, videos and more of Peace Of Mind’s Featured Artist, Hard Headed.

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