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The future of Epicenter Radio



Hey now….

I’m going to keep this short and sweet, since there isn’t much to it. We had a lot of people listen to EPCR when I was involved with it.  I’m not going to break down the numbers, but, a lot.  I am no longer involved for a number of reasons… but it mostly has to do with my personal decisions.

It’s unclear what the future is of the EPCR podcast right now, maybe Mike will want to continue doing it, maybe he won’t. Since I pulled out of the project, he hasn’t talked to me about anything, so I don’t know what the future is. It’s irrelevant to me anyway.

The episodes that are currently available will only be online until Friday. Anything that is new after that point is a reboot of the brand by someone other than me.

On a positive note, I’m doing a new podcast called The Grind Radio. While EPCR was cool for a minute, this is the new project that I”m involved with. I’ll eventually have a co-host for the podcast, but as of right now, 100 percent under my creative/professional control.

Please send music to – I’ll be able to build the audience that I had before pretty quickly, and your music will be heard by a lot of people.

And I don’t hate anyone.


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Epicenter Radio – Season 1 Episode 2


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Epicenter Radio

1st Hour – Talk

Dina Brass in studio with Brash and Professa’ Dibbs for the first hour of talk. Dina wears wigs on WPLR. Bar tending at The Gold Club. Dina talks her album and the time she’s taken making it. Live performances vs. Recording. Joey Batts is old and famous. Hartford talent. Pretentious parents/Dina’s kids. Graffiti… Left HandZ… Pagent moms in training. Photo shoot in Bristol with Lindsay Vigue. talk, Facebook, and other CT bloggers. You should burp into the mic. More Dina album talk. HRCM1! Promoting yourself vs. creativity. Dina has Jeff Buckley syndrome. Live performances vs. music recording. Dina talks about her creative process. “I can’t explain it!” “Well you did, and it’s strange…” Dina decides to sing for Brash and Dibbs. Shout out to Pajama Jeans. Left HandZ is an amazing dad. How Lefty and Dina met. Jackie the nanny. When Brash met Dina, battle raps, and femcees. Douche bags on Facebook. Where is Dina trying to go? Red Apple cigarettes and shit yo… shows in CT have fallen off. Graffiti Rap – TOP SECRET – Left HandZ is a genius/atomic bomb. Answering the phone. The Sonny and Cher of hiphop. Dina parts with a freestyle. “WHAT A GOOD SHOE YOU GUYS!”


2nd Hour-ish – Music – Track List


1. Brash ft. Blak Philly – Kick a Mic Down
2. Blak Philly – A Session with the Underpaid Shrink (Bartender)
3. Blak Philly – Back to Rap
4. dUECe Bug – Time Travel Agency
5. Nyce – Nyce Is Around
6. Joey Batts … and them – Best Friend
7. Joey Batts – Wordplay
8. MC Johnny Wae – Close Your Eyes
9. MC Johnny Wae – The Matrix
10. MC Johnny Wae ft. BC Connect (Produced by Goodkind) – DC/BC
11. 5:AM – So Inapropriate
12. Dia – Hell Freezes Over (Remix)
13. Dia – Respect I Deserve
14. Tableek – Razor Blade Factions
15. Tableek – Simpler Times
16. Brash – On That (Produced by Daneja)
17. Brash ft. INF – For Love or Bad Blood
18. Dia ft. Kollision – 911
19. Professa’ Dibbs – Stand Up LIke a Man


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Epicenter Radio – SE1 EP1



**This Podcast will be available via Stitcher and iTunes soon.

1st Hour – Talk
Brash and Dibbs introduce themselves. Talk about local favorite battle rappers, Quotables included. AIDS. Brash talks about growth from all this shit. Dibbs doesn’t care. Fist fights in backyards. “He bit my finger!” Past shows mentioned and album #2. Shout outs to the temple! Dibbs has a VCR and his Dad still tapes shows for him and Brash makes fun of that, but Dibbs explains himself into Physics. Brief discussion of theoretical physics and Quantum Computing. “Now everybody knows what kind of car I drive.” Brash tries to sound smart but Dibbs shows he’s smarter. Brash suddenly jokes about hitting Nikki Minaj but quickly backs down. WHen will Dibbs battle? Shout outs to Maroney’s M.I.C. league up in Mass. J-Dubbz vs. Brash. 5 Second Timer – good or bad? Jus DJ made J-Klz a sad rapper.  Sling Blade for no reason. Working at McDonald’s in Mystic, Connecticut. Annoying people in Boston. I’m not your buddy guy. Dibbs fails at telling a joke but it’s still funny. “Look at the fuckin’ clouds.” Future and wanted guests mentioned. Dirty apartment and remembering old technology. Talking feels like work. War stripes. Record label woes. Creative people and the creative process. Kick Rrawks beat. Dibbs talks about his “fierce lyrical style,” and explains. Brash asks him why he doesn’t battle. Dibbs is a recluse that wants to be immortal. “Facebook will still be stealing data from me after I’m dead,” says Dibbs. How facebook works. Stephen Hawking makes public appearances because why? I’M OVER HERE NOW! Books? The War of Art. More creative talk. Brash is an English major. Brash wants to change what he does to entertain people. Dibbs plays guitar and understands music theory. Brash unloads. “Dude! Hopsin!” Fine, then talk about Hopsin then. No, nevermind. Brash is dissconnected and calls Hopsin’s youtube numbers out. How success works. Tupac holograms and “beefing.” White talk. Space Lizards killed TuPac. The story of Vanilla Ice and a bear. Yuck. Wiggers and the new Vanilla Ice. Partying back in Ledyard, Connecticut. Getting lost in the woods. Adirondak mountains and giant Dicks. “If I were listening to this podcast I’d hate both of us right now.” Prop comics in battle rap. Derico vs. Cityy Towers analyzed. “Gotta see it again!” Ill vs. S. Grams analyzed. You can put a hamberger on another hamberger. Martha Stewart shoves a turkey up her ass and glitter up her vagina on South Park. Elapsed time. Music time.

Send your MP3s to

2nd Hour – Music
1. dUECe Bug – My Notebook (Produced by Blacastan)
2. MC Johnny Wae – Returning to Life
3. Dibbs – Power Switch
4. dUECe Bug ft. Mr. Lif
5. Brash – Gears
6. DJ Cubed ft. White Cheddar & James Joyce – Too Many Ways
7  White Cheddar – The Show Must Go On
8. Brash ft. Tru Wordz & godAWFUL – Up In Flames
9. Cityy Towers – GodZilla
10. Zitro The Great ft. Muzikk – Peace to all the Crooks
11. Com Plex of Crooked Mindz ft. INF – Mic Like What
12. James Joyce ft. Cy Matics & Rucka – Deliverence
13. Crooked Mindz – Hip-Hop
14. Brash ft. Blacastan – Spillin’
15. Greedy Grimes – STFU
16. White Cheddar, Frex & Krpytik – Number 4
17. S. Grams – Politics
18. Brash – I Want it to End

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