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Prestige & A.R.T. (Produced by Beat Wizard) – Edge of Forever Single Review



    It’s rare that I take the time out of my life to buy a single. I don’t even like buying mp3s, I mean, I feel like I’m paying for nothing generally. I guess it all goes back to the fact that it’s really easy to go another route to get the music.  You don’t even have to steal it, you can stream it nowadays… and the artist still gets paid if they have their paper right.  Despite all of this, I went all in with my 99 cents on iTunes today for Prestige’s “Edge of Forever” single, and it was actually worth it.

Michael Spellman, aka Beat Wizard is a growing name in Connecticut hip-hop.  Besides playing drums for Joey Batts’ self titled project (which you MUST see live SOON.) he produces joints for talented emcees such as Prestige.  Prestige is able to produce for himself, but after a quick listen of this music, it’s clear why he decided to work with Wiz. The track bangs.

It’s arguable which way is better to go in hip-hop.  To sample or not to sample. While the debate could spill over into another post, one that would most likely cause internet newb flame warz, I think these guys have a leg up here with their approach.  You can’t argue with the production value.  Smooth guitars, a tight, compressed kick, and a middle of the lane snare, with a light panned organ sound, make for a phenomenally different and original sound.

Both Prestige and A.R.T. bring excellent lyrics for the track also.  Being an emcee myself, I know what to listen for when it comes to crowd participation.  The chorus does it, without being over abundant in the “join me,” vibe… if that makes sense.  The line I’m thinking of?  “On the edge of forever// gotta be somethin’ better// …. skin tougher than leather// whatever// I’m ready for whatever” ring out a strong message, that’s actually pretty damn catchy.  Another great line from Prestige?  “I’m just gonna keep doin’ me from a distance// and achieve longevity like the Simpsons.” Dope.

A.R.T. sounds similar to ‘Tige vocally, but his flow on the track set him apart as the song progresses. His pacing is different, but his subject matter matches the overall theme of the track and shines brightly. So by the end, you’re left with an understanding about both emcees; circumstance had them acting on the fringe, with some internal conflicts that they address through their expression. That’s what I gather anyway. The fuck do I know though? You should give a listen yourself from the iTunes link below.

From left to right: A.R.T., Beat Wizard, Prestige

Edge of Forever (feat. A.R.T.) – Single – Prestige
Edge of Forever (feat. A.R.T.) - Edge of Forever (feat. A.R.T.) - Single

This makes me hungry for the full release. Like I already explained, I’m not into the mp3 era. Let me buy the CD so I can continue to fill an entire wall in my house with ’em.  This does make me want to hear more.  And without blowing up any of the insider details that I know, these guys here are connected better than most. I got my eye on you guys.



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